Addi Twigg started singing in church at the age of 4 and performed in school choirs throughout her youth. A love of modern a cappella served as a tool for discovering her own unique voice during her stint at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA.

A few years later, comedy pop duo Bait & Switch was born as a novelty act for a sketch show and unexpectedly became a hit, appearing at improv shows and other events around Pittsburgh. When punk rock oldies cover band Photo Joe + the Negatives needed a female voice to complement some of their selections, it turned into a permanent gig after the group discovered the added chemistry with Twigg in the lineup.

Folk duo Camelia Road took shape when Twigg and guitarist/singer Lauren Zurchin were asked to perform for SWAN Day Pittsburgh, an annual event celebrating women in the arts. This opportunity jumpstarted songwriting for both women and continues to nurture them both as artists.

Twigg’s songwriter efforts carry over into collaborations with her latest project, five-piece pop/soul band The Telephone Line. The group boasts powerful female vocals and vintage organ vibes. Their debut album Tied Up is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and Spotify.























Photo by Lou Stein.

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Podcast Episode 28: Start Me Up

Megan Etzel just might be the unofficial queen of start-ups. She gives us a peek inside start-up culture and brags about all the perks none of the rest of us are getting. Then we bask in the Thanksgiving afterglow, delving into a list of things we’re grateful for that are completely superfluous and nonessential. Join us, won’t you?


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04:10 Pod Pourri:
Get all the dirty details of Megan’s love affair with start-ups!
36:47 Facebook Says:
What completely nonessential items are you thankful for?
55:48 Games People Play: 
I should’ve known Megan did her homework…
01:01:06 Outro:
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