Podcast Episode 18: Karaoke Junkies

Two singers and a DJ explore the strange and often hilarious entertainment phenomenon that is karaoke.


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Intro 00:00
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Pod Pourri 08:28
Eric and I recount our most favorite karaoke tales. Moats airs out all his dirty karaoke laundry. By the way, check out Bev n Bob music. You’ll thank us.

Facebook Says 57:33
I would love nothing more than to do karaoke with you all. Moats suggests there’s a bell curve when it comes to drinking and karaoke. Let’s test that theory!

Outro 01:04:39
Moats is appearing in Taming of the Shrew on June 1-9 for Shakespeare in South Park. Eric is performing at Arcade on June 7 at 8pm and 10pm. Find these guys on Twitter too, at @eonhand and @seemyplay.

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Podcast Episode 17: Kennywood’s Open!

It’s amusement park season! Friend and roller coaster enthusiast Chris Webber joins me to nerd out over his love of coaster design and construction, and we toss some stomach-dropping listener stories into the mix.


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Intro 00:00
If you review me on iTunes, I’ll read your review on an episode. Promise! And don’t forget to check out our awesome/funny sponsors!

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Pod Pourri 03:54
Chris explains his love affair with roller coasters, how things have evolved, and some of his best/worst experiences. He pretty much schools me on coaster culture. And in case you wondered, our beloved Kennywood has an excellent reputation!

Chris also gives some advice to fellow park visitors. And if you haven’t yet, please read the Action Park Wikipedia page. It will blow your mind, and your faith in humanity.

Facebook Says 36:48
Your stories made me miss Kennywood LIKE WHOA.

Games People Play 46:17
I ask Chris questions about Action Park, a death trap of an attraction in northern New Jersey.

Outro 01:00:40
Follow Chris on Twitter! You can also visit the forums and communities he mentioned. Nerds.


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Episode 16: Grown Man Business with Aaron Kleiber

Actor and comedian Aaron Kleiber is the hardest working Pittsburgh-based comic I know. I finally had the chance to corner him and ask annoying questions about the biz. Tune in and you’ll find out why Aaron is one of my favorite funny people.


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Intro 00:00
Meet Aaron! And hear the reviews you lovely people have written! Also, don’t forget to check out our awesome/funny sponsors.

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Pod Pourri 09:38
How the hell do you go from working day jobs to being a career entertainer? How does an improv background make you a better stand-up comic? Aaron answers these and many, many more of my obnoxious questions.

Games People Play 53:19
Religion & comedy themed trivia questions featuring Sam Kinison, Victoria Jackson, and a Christian mom comic you’ve probably never heard of!

Outro 01:04:44
Visit www.aaronkleiber.com to order your copy of Aaron’s fresh DVD. Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to his DVD release party May 12. He’s also @aaronkleiber on Twitter and is doing a new “Watch It For You” series on the AaronKleiber YouTube Channel where he describes movies as he views them so that you don’t have to!

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Podcast Episode 15: The Self-Proclaimed Cool Guy

Mark Hayward is a world champion yo-yoer, juggler, and self-proclaimed cool guy. From Pittsburgh’s Arcade Theater all the way to the Late Show with David Letterman, Mark brings us stories about the ups and downs of a professional variety performer.


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Intro 00:00
Mark and I are new friends thanks to Arcade Comedy, and they’re one of our sponsors so check them out! Act Classy is another new sponsor. Hilarious site, and they also have a podcast! By the way, don’t forget you can get Add It Up Podcast extras on our facebook page!

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Pod Pourri 09:29
Mark tells us how he became a pro, what his best and worst gigs have been like, and something something math and yo-yos? We also sing the praises of his partner in crime, Jonathan Burns, and comic magicians Michael Kent and Lee Terbosic.

Facebook Says 53:35
I ask, Facebook delivers. Stupid stunts! Vague card tricks! School picture day?

Games People Play 59:07
More homespun trivia! I quiz Mark on Fireside Chats, yo-yos, and even himself. He at least gets one right…

Outro 01:04:28
Mark can be found on MarkHayward.netfacebook.com/markhaywardisawesome, and @markhayward on Twitter. I lost track of his web presence after that. Mark and Jonathan‘s next Fireside Chat is May 17 at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Got any questions for Mark? Post ‘em in the comments!

Podcast Episode 14: Prohibitchin’

A drunk, an ex straight edge kid, and a teetotaler walk into a bar. Except it’s not a bar, it’s my basement studio, and we end up recording a whole podcast together. Do you have regrets from drinking and wish you could cut back? Or do you abstain because of your prudish upbringing? You can be a barfly on the wall for the entire conversation.


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Intro 00:00
- Doug is back! Milton is new!
- Thanks for the better title, Newt! I also loved “The Bourne Identiteetotal.”
- Don’t forget to check out our sponsors over at Arcade Comedy Theater!
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Pod Pourri 04:23
- Doug talks drinking, Milton talks straight edge, and I admit to being a goody-goody.

Facebook Says 53:42
- New absurd jingle! I mean, really.
- I asked and you delivered, Facebook. Rug-burned boobs are a thing.

Games People Play 57:24
- Straight edge and teetotaling trivia! Which I completely made up!
- You might learn something. Please forgive us.

Outro 01:00:24
- I finally read some reviews on the air! You guys are too kind. And weird.
- These guys are on Twitter under @DJMuddy @rivalsanlendo!
- They’re also both on Instagram at @DJMuddy and @gamera138!
- My musical comedy duo Bait & Switch will be at Arcade Comedy Theater on Friday, April 19 for Fireside Chat with Mark & Jonathan, which is in late night talk show format!

Got any of your own drinking/teetotaler stories to share? Hit me up in the comments!

Podcast Episode 13: Born in a Small Town

Were you born in a small town? The kind where everybody knows your name, and not in a happy “Cheers” kind of way? I chat with my new pal Chris Brown about growing up in what Wikipedia literally classifies as a “village.” Join us for this claustrophobic walk down memory lane.


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Intro 00:00
- My guest is Chris Brown! But not that Chris Brown! He’s tall. He draws stuff. He grew up in a small town. Aaaaand that’s all I know.
- As always, check out our sponsors over at Arcade Comedy Theater!
- While you’re at it, take a gander at the Toonseum!
- Some reviews are in, and I’ll be reading them on the next episode, good or bad. Yikes!

Pod Pourri 08:16
- Chris grew up in Panama, NY: population 479. Even smaller than he thought!
- Facebook Says!
- Chris has worked every job. Ever. We didn’t cover them all, but I just know.
- Turns out the best combo for a healthy social life is being on Twitter and… a bouncer?

Games People Play 56:40
- Small town trivia!

Outro 01:01:19
- You can find Chris and his art on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!
- Bait & Switch is playing the Fireside Chat event at Arcade on April 19!

What say you, listeners, about small town life?

Podcast Episode 12: Pranks a Lot

I’m not much of a prankster but the Cetras, who grew up in an Italian Catholic family with seven kids, LOVE a good prank. Gabe and Steve take us on a walk down memory lane, which is paved with practical jokes.


Intro 00:00
- We recorded on Easter, so we all had ham on the brain.
- Check out our sponsors, Arcade Comedy Theater! So much good comedy in the Burgh.
- If you rate & review me on iTunes, I will read your review on the air. Promise!

Pod Pourri 04:43
- Turds and poop? Always. Funny.
- Sometimes you keep your cool. Sometimes you call 911.
- Facebook Says! Man, you guys really delivered.
- “Poopin” proof, but blurred to protect the innocent:

Games People Play 56:51
- Gabe and Steve engage in a homemade pranks version of Would You Rather?

Outro 01:02:09
- Gabe and I are in Photo Joe & the Negatives together. Gabe is also proudly on Pinterest. He’ll master this technology thing yet!
- Steve runs Pittsburgh Punk Rock. You can get their t-shirts from Wildcard right now!

What other pranks have you pulled? Were you ever the victim of a practical joke gone wrong? Tell me in the comments!

Podcast Episode 11: Why the Long Facebook

Ahh, The Facebook. We all love to hate it. Could we be more specific? Of course! John Hancock’s boredom and desperate need for attention have driven him to dream up projects to do on good ol’ FB. One could even say it has consumed him to a point. From the rules of unfriending to Facebook codependency, John gives us a glimpse inside his torrid love affair with the social network.


Intro 00:00
- John and I have only been around each other in person once or twice. I know him more through FB than real life.
- He DJed for the first time in 10 years this weekend!
- Check out our sponsors, Arcade Comedy Theater!

Pod Pourri 07:21
- Attempts at Facebook projects (tagging every single friend in a post, in a photo, etc.)
- Guidelines for “unfriending”:

  1. Does Person A make actual interesting posts?
  2. Does Person A show interest in my posts?
  3. Is Person A related to me?
  4. Have I seen Person A naked?
  5. Will I feel guilty if I unfriend Person A?
  6. Has Person A ever saved my life?
  7. Is there any chance that I will want to invite Person A to an event?
  8. Is Person A actually my friend?
  9. Is Person A an actual human being and at least 16 years of age?
  10. Does Person A respond desperately to the threat of being unfriended?

- Is it “Facebook” or “THE Facebook”?
- FACEBOOK SAYS: what we love and hate about the ‘book.
- John’s baby is THE cutest baby. Sorry, other babies!

- Also, example of one of the photos Devany posted of her son, who looks like singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran (and is also WAY UP THERE on the cuteness scale!): 551368_10151430487521475_1396427009_n

- Nicknames! What did your parents call you growing up?
- Non-Facebook project: photographing your whole life and posting it to the web FOR THREE MONTHS.

Games People Play 54:48
- Fuck Facebook games.
- Quick Wit is a game John PROMISED we would play but he forgot to bring the cards, so… we improvised. Poorly.

Outro 01:05
- Thanks for playing, John! Please start your own podcast.
- John hates Twitter but he can be found there as @Hancock309, regardless. Also, anyone who friends him on Facebook as a result of this podcast, he will accept.
- General reminder that Arcade Comedy Theater is jumpin’ and you should get on that shit! The hilarious duo Truth in Advertising will be there this Friday, March 29!

No poking here, so leave a comment, please!

Podcast Episode 10: WrestleManiacs

I don’t know about you, but I have never understood the love of pro wrestling. As luck would have it, a TON of my friends are long-time fans, and two of them graciously agreed to come on the show and win me over.

Meet Erik Truby and Dave Ranallo. Pro wrestling has never been so dorky.


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Intro 00:00
- This episode is brought to you by our new sponsor, Arcade Comedy Theater! As my listeners, you can STILL use the early bird special price on their Improv One class! Leave me a comment if you’re interested!
- Also, please check out I Love Lard, where I’m now included on a list of women podcasters!
- My guests are Dave Ranallo and Erik Truby, wrestling fans extraordinaire! One of whom showed up late for this session because he completely failed to adhere to Daylight Savings Time.

Pod Pourri 08:17
- New jingle! I dunno. It’s alright. NOW LET’S GET ON WITH IT.
- These two wrestling fans don’t like wrestling fans. Can someone work up a Venn Diagram of that for me? Kthx.
- Women as eye candy, hypermasculinity, gay characters, celebrity appearances, steroids scandals… wrestling is complex, y’all.
- Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dorkier, Dave shares that his undergrad thesis was about pro wrestling.
- You guys. What is this feeling? I think I want to watch this year’s Wrestlemania.

Games People Play 54:33
- You’ve gotten involved in pro wrestling. What’s your name, costume, and schtick?

Outro 59:40
- Dave represents @spinstercomedy and can regularly be found in the tech booth at Arcade Comedy Theater.
- Truby selflessly plugged the doctor who cured baby AIDS.

Thanks for joining us, everyone! If you’re a fan of this sport, leave me a comment and tell me AAAAALLLLLLLLL about it!

Podcast Episode 9: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

What was your worst job ever? And how about gigs? Yeah man, we’ve all been there. Join me and my guests, comics Eric Donaldson and Derek Minto, as we tell tales of the worst jobs and shows we’ve ever had to perform.

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00:00 Intro
- We reminisce about the grand opening of Arcade Comedy Theater!
- Check out “the yo-yo guy” Mark Hayward. He’s amazing!
- Derek climbed Mount Everest to do this podcast. Ok not really but almost.

05:14  Pod Pourri
- Bad jobs are bad. We hope KFC isn’t listening.
- I nannied. ONCE.
- Enjoy stories from Facebook in our new segment, Facebook Says…
- Bad gigs are bad. And bad comedy gigs are the WORST.
- SINCERE DISCLAIMER: We do not condone the use of the word “retard” as a slur. Please consider the context.
- Comedy gets violent! For Derek, anyway.

57:10 Outro
- These guys are on Twitter! @eonhand@hatersforhire, and @bringstheruckus!
- Derek does his own awesome podcast called Haters for Hire with comics from all around town. Check it out!
- Eric will be at Mullen’s on Carson for the Mitch Hedberg 45th Birthday show on Feb 24! He’ll also eventually be doing a “So Bad It’s Good” live hecklevision at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, so follow them on Facebook for updates!
- Derek does two comedy open mic nights every Tuesday & Thursday at the Smiling Moose and Hambone’s, in case you ever wanted to try comedy!

So tell me, what were your worst jobs and gigs ever?