Music Projects

The Telephone Line is a Pittsburgh based five-piece pop/rock/soul outfit flaunting fearless vocals and vintage organ vibes. The group has been featured by both WDVE and WYEP with their single “Caving In” nominated for the category of Best Single of 2017 by Sound Scene Express. Their music is available anywhere music is sold online.




Cisco Kid is a psychedelic-soul rock band formed in 2015 from members of other groups who honed in on a unique sound for their debut album Beautiful Day to Die. Released in 2017, the record clinched them the Best Breakout Band award from Sound Scene Express. The band’s original singer Nick Guckert amicably parted with the band in 2018 when Addi Twigg stepped up on lead vocals.




This punk rock oldies cover band is the vocal outlet I didn’t even know I needed in my life. Imagine all your favorite hits from the 50s and 60s, then set them on fire and dance your face off. That’s the Negatives experience.





What started as a one-time acoustic duo for Pittsburgh’s local SWAN Day celebration blossomed into a folk-pop endeavor that has become my most constant source of motivation for individual songwriting. Support Women Artists Now!





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I love cover songs to an embarrassing degree, but I love them even more if they’re twisted or funny. Bait & Switch will take the pop songs you love most and turn them into trainwrecks in the best way imaginable.





Singles & Jingles

Theme music for You Can’t Handle the Truth podcast:

Theme music for Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh:

And the short version of that jingle for use in videos, etc.:

Theme music for my very own Add It Up Podcast:

And the intro music for the “Games People Play” segment on the Add It Up podcast:

Theme music for Mark & Jonathan’s Fireside Chat, a talk show at Arcade Comedy:

Jingle for Act Classy’s Lunch Break Podcast:

Jingle for the “Facebook Says” segment of the Add It Up Podcast


Pittsburgh Fight Songs
Recorded and produced by Sean G. Donaldson.