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Roll the Dice
My friends at Hustlebot, Pittsburgh’s tallest comedy troupe, asked me to write an original song for their short film Roll The Dice. The song would be used in a scene filmed at Ritter’s Diner, so I wanted to give it an oldies kind of feel. It was an absolute fluff piece and I had a blast making it!

“Lucky Me”
Music, Lyrics, and Vocals by Addi Twigg
Produced by Sean G. Donaldson

LuckyMeSample by additwigg


Pittsburgh Fight Songs
Recorded and produced by Sean G. Donaldson.




Theme music for Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh:

And the short version of that jingle for them to use in videos, etc.:

Theme music for my very own Add It Up Podcast:

And the intro music for the “Games People Play” segment on the Add It Up podcast:

Theme music for Mark & Jonathan’s Fireside Chat, a talk show at Arcade Comedy:

Jingle for Act Classy’s Lunch Break Podcast:

Jingle for the “Facebook Says” segment of the Add It Up Podcast


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