Sure, I’m fat. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try, right? In my many decades on this planet, I’ve found that there’s only one thing a woman needs to wear every day, and that’s deodorant. JUST KIDDING! It’s panties. GOTCHA AGAIN! It’s confidence. I’m serious this time! You can get away with going commando or smelling like a homeless person every now and then, but you should never, ever leave your confidence at home.


Just keep your eye on my blog, where I post about makeup, shoes, clothing, and accessories when I find good ones. Pinky swear!









Photo by Lou Stein.

17 thoughts on “Style

  1. Your intro to this page kills me, because, fat or not, you are seriously the most stylish person I know and the envy of me and many of my friends (I swear Jackie turns green around you sometimes!). I love the site, more than anything it just feels like you, which is really what it’s all about at the end of the day. I love it, and I’ll definitely be adding the blog to my google reader (something I know of thanks to you [technically thanks to Drew, but whatever]).

  2. I think this page needs a photo of a certain pair of undetermined origin animal print BCBG pumps paired with teal tights…. I’m just sayin’…

  3. I’m honestly THRILLED you have this aspect to your website. You are I think, hands down, the best dresser of HER BODY I know of anyone (big, small, or in between). You are the definition of what they say on What Not To Wear and other similar shows: accentuate what you have and stylishly underplay your less-than-perfect parts.

    You don’t hide under clothes that engulf you and you don’t squeeze into something too small because you like the number on the tag (that no one sees ladies!) And you aren’t afraid of color. COLOR FEARS YOU.

    I’m curious if it’s a skill you learned over time, if you fought your way through periods of the engulfing and/or squeezing…feel free to make that a blog entry. Either way, you have hit your stride, girl. I’m excited to read and comment (everywhere of course, but here for sure). Great photo selection to kick things off and show everyone you know whatchu talkin’ about.

    (PS–I suggest linking to Louis’ blog and/or Flickr…sorry if you already thought of that and hadn’t done it yet!)

    • Love, love, love that you commented, thank you! You said so many wonderful things that I will have to process them one at a time later, when my eyes are not slowly falling out of my head from exhaustion. Great idea for a blog entry, by the way! Oh the clothing phases I went through…

      Also, I have Lou’s site in my sidebar on every page except the “About” one! Robin kindly allowed me to steal the one from hitchdied.

      Also also, I cannot wait for your commenting! You’re one of my favorite commenters. In general, not just online. ;)

  4. I adore the first post in this section, as it is exactly the kind of thing I need. I don’t think I have ever told you this (although you have probably figured it out) that, like many others on here, I value your opinions on style above all others.

    I actually have said to myself before, “If Addi compliments my outfit, then I know I have done well.” Thus why I wanted you there for the wedding dress and class reunion outfit selection…

    In any case, I wish I had awesome tidbits of wisdom to add to this post, but all I can reference is an item a coworker wears on a regular basis…. Leg warmers. She, like you with the tights, has them in a plethora of colors. They are Super fun, and look adorable and funky!!

  5. I would love to have you as my personal shopper for just one day. It would be exciting to see the outfits you would come up with for me. Love you!

  6. Hey Addi!

    Speaking from one large chested girl to another do you have any great recommendations for strapless bras that actually work. Now that I have a wedding coming up the dresses I really like don’t really lend to bra straps, lol. Since you looked fan-freaking-tastic on your big day I thought I would come directly to the source. Thanks!

    • Hey Molly! First, CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, I have been asked this many, many times, but I think you’re the first to reference my wedding photos when asking! I’ve been meaning to write a “real” post about this for a while.

      For now, I’ll say this: I recommend a corset bra, which I think a lot of bridal shops will sell. It will partly depend on what type of dress you get, too, but generally, I find they do a decent job of holding you UP, and the dress should then do the job of holding you IN. Teamwork!

      I will also add: leave the numeric part of the bra the same, but go DOWN a size or two in cup size. The smaller cup means your boobs will have nowhere else to go but up, to escape. I hope this makes sense!

      Happy hunting!

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