The podcast has been on hiatus because let’s face it y’all, I’m busy as shit. I’d love to get back to it eventually, but for now you can enjoy the archives!

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Some content is not appropriate for kids!

Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi is a Burgh-based podcast hosted by your BFF. Eavesdrop on interviews with talented, funny Pittsburgh people on everything from Facebook codependency to childhood pranks. Listen. Laugh. Learn?

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Wanna be a guest or suggest a topic? Tell me in the comments! Or write a review and I’ll read it on an episode!


6 thoughts on “Podcast

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  5. I don’t have i-Tunes anymore, so I’ll leave my review here. The Add It Up Podcast gets me through my Monday morning. I have loved episodes with people I know and I have episodes featuring strangers. I always learn something and each episode feels like I’m just hangin’ out with my pals, shooting the sh*t. I’ve also had a blast as a guest and I would recommend it to anyone. Addi will make you sound cool and funny, even if you prattle on endlessly. She’s a damn fine editor.

    • iTunes is the worst! Thanks for reviewing despite that cold, hard fact. I do think my editing is one of my best skills. <3

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