Podcast Episode 2: Halloween Special (Don’t Be a Zombie)

Wow. You guys? These bitches LOVE Halloween. And talking. About themselves. So buckle up, listeners! It’s Episode 2 of Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi, featuring friend and fellow funny lady Liz Labacz!

It is available on iTunes if you prefer. Otherwise…

If you wish, you can listen to the extended, uncut version via Soundcloud below. WARNING: I’m not gonna lie. The costume discussion gets TEDIOUS, my friends. But if you know us, it might be bearable.

 Episode 2: Halloween Special (Don’t Be a Zombie) – Extended (times below align with condensed version only) 

02:33 Costumes of Yore!
– Liz provides a comprehensive history of her torrid love affair with costumes. Addi’s list pales in comparison.
– Store-bought costumes are for suckers.
– Liz’s Sailor Moon phase mercilessly coincided with her awkward phase:

 26:09 Costumes of More Recent Yore!
– Store-bought costumes? Still for suckers.  This is an abomination!
– 2009 Disney Villainess Combo (I swear I had more than two tentacles!):

40:19 If I Were You: Halloween Edition
– What NOT to be this year
– Costume Dos and Don’ts
– Addi’s first awkward advice song

48:47 Outro/Plugs!
– Liz can be found on her personal blog, at Frankly Scarlett, and on Twitter. She has also posted specifically about this topic!
Friday Nite Improvs Halloween costume contest is Friday, November 2. They give away REAL CASH PRIZES, SON.
Photo Joe & the Negatives are back together! Like that shit on facebook.

25 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 2: Halloween Special (Don’t Be a Zombie)

  1. I haven’t listened yet but I am looking forward to it wanting to interject every 14 seconds!

    I also needed to say immediately your choice of “abomination store bought costume” (out of 100 million or so available) is solid gold. WHAT THE FUCK?

  2. Addi,

    You have the perfect radio therapist voice! I feel like I should be listening to this completely reclined… which is a problem because I’m at work! Also, It’s been a long time since I heard a Liz & Addi laugh, so I started laughing out loud at work and I got caught screwing around in my office! Stupid Scientists!

    This is great!

    Kitties in boxes!


  3. When I “half-assed it” with a Penguins jersey two years ago, I at least had the decency to also wear a hockey helmet for a portion of the evening. (So, I “quarter-assed it?”)

  4. I’m just leaving this comment box open so I CAN interject every 14 seconds.

    The sleepy Care Bear is named Bedtime Bear. #factsy

    Barbara Bush on the television costume tickles me so much. I have already gchatted both of you “Barbara Bush on the television” in all caps but I have to put it in here again for posterity.

    My childhood box costume was a die, and I got pissy every time people said I was a “dice” because I was a grammar jerk even when I was eight.

    The Transformer was amazing, duh, but my favorite FNI costume ever was the Zoidberg.

    Addi is KILLING ME with the sound cues. Particularly the witch cackle portion.

    The Games Master/Game Control year was the year that I drunkenly told Addi and Joe they are in my opinion the platonic ideal of a committed couple, several times. It was not because I was one of the select few that got the costume, though.

    I wore a green M&M kids costume that my mom sewed for me as a child. I regret not being Green M&M Dolley Madison.

    “Slutterfly.” 50 more points for Milton.

    My Robin costume was fucking amazing. Lexi 100% made it. All I did was buy my green Chucks.

    McKayla Maroney costumes should have a SILVER MEDAL. (She did win gold on the US team, but the meme is from her silver win for the vault). #factsy

    I am an unrepentant store-bought costume wearer. I don’t actually have a defense or excuse for this.

    I shouldn’t have listened to this before editing my podcast because now I will have a podcast inferiority complex on top of my costume inferiority complex.

  5. as far as store bought costumes go, here are my thoughts: i have no desire to buy a store bought costume to wear on halloween, however, many is the time i wished they sold just masks (full head ones or even just elastic around the back of the head, mask over the face type), which i would wear with either regular clothes or full on suit-n-tie (if available), and not just for halloween. a couple of bands i was in we were gonna do that, but the closest we got was REPENT! ‘s 1st show were we all wore different colored sunglasses (mine were orange and i had to ditch them at some point; they were giving me a headache).
    at a halloween type store i once asked the guy if i could just buy a power ranger mask he was like “no, those go with the costume, you have to buy the whole thing. plus, they’re for kids…” and gave me a weird look. yeah, i need judge-y attitude from a guy who works at a goddammned halloween store!

    • I think that’s fair, though. I think we mean more just the ones for kids that are like, plastic. So if I wanted to be Cinderella, it would come with the plastic mask and a plastic “dress” that has “Cinderella” WRITTEN on it. Lame-o.

  6. i remember the Slutterfly costume, but i don’t remember saying “Slutterfly” (altho, i am taking the awesome credit and 50 points for it). i’m usually pretty drunk on halloween, so ya know, business as usual.

      • oh, i wasn’t objecting, i think i was just drunk and don’t remember saying it.
        furthermore, i’m not a slut-shamer. slutting is perfectly jake in my book, and not just for the obvious reasons. i try my best never to downgrade women’s control over their bodies/sexuality. it’s all good.

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