Fall Favorites

First style post, wheeeeeeeeee! What do you wear when all your Halloween themed denim jumpers are in the wash (I’m lookin’ at you, third grade teachers)? It doesn’t matter much as long as you accessorize well. Here are what I consider to be staples for your fall wardrobe. Ready go!

1. Scarves. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one accessory, it should be a scarf (no utility belts, that’s cheating). My personal favorite right now is this Old Navy infinity scarf for about $15. This bright red hue is a compliment waiting — no, begging to happen.


2. Boots. 
They are a must. I’m a fatty, so finding something to fit my calves is a real challenge. Speaking of which, did they ever use that as a challenge on Biggest Loser? Anyway, the Zodiac Plies boot from DSW online is comfortable, stylish, versatile, and if they could talk I’m sure they’d be humble, too. Originally $170 down to $60! GO NOW.

3. Jackets.
So jackets maybe aren’t so much an “accessory.” JUST GO WITH IT. This one from Fashion Bug (I KNOW, RIGHT?) is hovering around $50, so keep your eyes peeled for sales. A structured jacket like this is an obvious mate for jeans, but I’ve already worn it with this dress (from Torrid) and the brown version of the Zodiac boot. Oh did I mention that was with colored tights? BOOM.


4. Tights. Speaking of tights, WHERE MY LADIES AT? In my opinion (and it’s the one that counts, check the url), a girl can never have too many varieties of tights. Solid tights, patterned tights, textured tights, I WANT THEM ALL. Where do I get them? Primarily from WeLoveColors.com.

They carry tights for fatties in all the same colors as they do for skinny b*tches! They have some cheaper ones for $9, but I tend to go for the $15 option. I think they are less susceptible to unwanted stretching. Added bonus: $5 flat shipping fee. 

Yeah, you love colors. WE FRIGGIN’ GET IT ALREADY.


There you have it, my picks for the fall of 2011. What are your favorite items for this time of year? Leave ’em in the comments! I’M COUNTING ON YOU.

15 thoughts on “Fall Favorites

  1. This is awesome! Good job on your first post, dude.

    My top two biggest fall must-haves are tights and scarves. I hate wearing a coat until I absolutely have to, so scarves are a must until I finally cave and start wearing my winter coat, which happens sometime in December. And I realized I only own one pair of dress pants, so dresses and skirt/shirt/cardigan combos are basically my m.o. for the next several months. I got the tights you talked about in your post, a few pair of basic black from Old Navy for like $6 (they’re perfect and cheap) and a few pair from Forever21 Plus, which were also $6 and were also perfect. I’ve had good luck so far.

    I will be looking to up my cardigan count when I get some money to blow on fashiony stuff…they are another must-have for me. I set a fashion goal for me this winter, which is to wear daring stuff. Like I have always been pretty conservative with mah tights, but I’m going to get funky this year. There’s a turquoise pair I’m anxious to wear with my new black dress!

    • I agree cardigans are up there. Where do you find good ones, though? I def want to check out the tights from other places. I got some from Target that didn’t fit well. I think I just need a different size. Seriously, you should be thinking about a tights post!

          • I have the same problem. I have a sequined cardigan from Lane Bryant in three colors. I tend to buy t-shirts that way, too.

          • Random interjection: my mom encouraged me since I was a teenager “if you like something and it looks good on you, buy 12.”

            Seriously, I would buy a pair of jeans and be like “aren’t these awesome? They fit so great!” Her response was always “sand dune.” No, seriously, it was “did you buy more than one?”

            “More than one of this…exact pair of jeans?”

            “Yes! Stockpile them.”

            I’m starting to think I should do that. At any given time, I have a “favorite pair” of jeans I save up for special occasions. I don’t want to overwear/overwash them because I love them so much. Huh.

          • I have had some success, but what I sometimes run into is not realizing how awesome an item is (and that I should have purchased 43 of them) until it is no longer available at the store. REGRET.

            Also, sand dunes.

          • Agreed. I definitely have 3 pairs of the same black Old Navy flip flops because I lose them, leave a pair at the office, etc. I also buy basics, like camisoles, in bulk.

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