Addi Takes Manhattan (And Maybe Some Muppets, Too)

This weekend, I will venture to NYC to watch Jason Segel host SNL with musical guest Florence + the Machine.  As you may know, Segel has co-written and will star in the new Muppet movie. My fingers are very tightly crossed that this means there will be Muppets on SNL.

Let me rephrase that. This weekend, I might meet The Muppets when I Take my trip to Manhattan.


Joe, I love you. But Kermit has always been my true love. He obviously has a thing for bossy fat chicks, so if I he meets me, well…









I’ll send you a postcard from our honeymoon.


4 thoughts on “Addi Takes Manhattan (And Maybe Some Muppets, Too)

    • I don’t know if I’ll meet him. Honestly, I am more interested in “meeting” Muppets. Jason is great, but I am not determined to meet him.

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