Hey, Thanks

It’s the one day a year when people are grateful for things! Just kidding, that’s some bullsh*t that cynical people say on Facebook. Gratitude is just a little more prevalent on Thanksgiving, that’s all. Save your humbugging for Christmas!

Would you like to have a peek into my cornucopia of gratitude?

I’m thankful for spoons. Seriously, dudes and dudettes. How could we eat delicious cereal without them? Think about it.

I’m thankful for smartphones. People b*tch and moan about how things were so much simpler before them. But you know what? Things were also a hell of a lot less convenient. I recently used mine to know that the gate of my flight home from NYC had changed, and to give my cab driver directions to LaGuardia Airport. That is not a joke.

I’m thankful for two seemingly healthy parents. Not everyone my age has this anymore. I don’t visit them very often. I take them for granted. I shouldn’t.

I’m thankful for the beautiful lady friends I have had over the last few years, no matter where they are now — NY, Chicago, Pittsburgh. Dudes have always been easier for me to befriend, but Ams, Nang, Lauren, Jody, Abby, Liz, Ashley… you are all incredible chicks who make me laugh and think and stay up too late and persevere… with you, I’m myself. I’m happy.

I’m thankful for my brother because he’s the best. If you know him, you know this. And if you don’t know him, I’m telling you now. He’s the best.

I’m thankful for my husband, Joe. I still believe he might be a cyborg programmed specifically to tolerate my special brand of bullsh*t. This man is unshakeable, even in the midst of an Addi earthquake.

Stereotypes are fun!
Reinforcing them is not!

But it’s more than his ability to endure my moodiness. He has been so… forgiving. Not like in a religious kinda way. More like in your favorite pair of jeans kinda way. He just… fits me.

I could go on and on and on, but I digress. And for that, you should be grateful. What else are you thankful for?


12 thoughts on “Hey, Thanks

  1. Annnnd… You made me tear up. Are you surprised? I love you!!! You are such an amazing friend, and I am so happy to have you in my life!

  2. Awwww, I’m thankful for you too, baby. Sometimes I feel like you were sent from above (to see how much nagging I can tolerate). 🙂 JK JK JK!!!

  3. Hey lady dude. I am so very thankful for you. I wish we could hang out more, but the times I see you are always awesome. Meeting hilarious and bold women is one of my favorite things in life, and I’m so glad we’ve crossed paths!

    On the topic of being thankful…. I recently read a quote about gratitude that I really liked. It was something like, If you only woke up this morning with the things you said thanks for last night, what would you have? And I thought about it and realized I don’t give thanks nearly enough. The things I am most thankful for are school, work, the wonderful and inspiring people I have in my life, and for my own determination and my desire to try to do the right thing each day.

    • Dudette, I had a blast with you yesterday! Even though we can’t hang out that often, I truly feel like we squeeze every ounce of fun/meaning/awesomeness out of it.

      And those sound like pretty good things to wake up having in the morning. You are one of the most determined people I know, and it’s a trait I really admire. 🙂

  4. Great things to be thankful for! And seriously – spoons. I love cereal, especially for a snack and I couldn’t enjoy it without a spoon. I’m thankful for the obvious things – my family, my friends, my health. This time of year, I’m thankful for the peppermint milkshakes at Chic-Fil-A and mint M&M’s. I workout JUST so I can eat those. 🙂

    • The coffee place in the building where I work used to make mocha mint frappes that tasted exactly like thin mints. They no longer have them and it makes me a sad bear.

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