What’s in My Bag, Baby?

My pal Robin over at HitchDied recently made a “What’s in my bag” post after a fellow blogger did the same, so I decided to carry the torch. I will be delighted if more of the other bloggers I know keep it going…

I got this bag a couple years ago at Lane Bryant. Yup, the store for fat chicks. It’s surprisingly durable. The straps show zero sign of wear & tear despite occasionally having my work laptop AND a pair of shoes crammed into this baby. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Watch out for sharp objects!

I tried neatly dumping it out, but it ended up in a big ol’ pile so I organized everything into groupings. Also, I’m lazy and didn’t want to number each item individually. Points for honesty?

Group A: My Face
Before you judge me for being shallow and carrying ALL of the makeup with me, I’ll have you know that it’s partly mostly completely for running-late-in-the-morning-before-work reasons. So there you go, I’m not shallow! I’m irresponsible/lazy.

Items from top to bottom:
– Revlon hand mirror
– Covergirl lipstick (Spellbound) & Tarte lipgloss (Apple a Day)
– Maybeline Dream Mousse blush #10 (Pink Frosting)
– Black liquid eyeliner (with the label completely rubbed off)
– Benefit mini mascara (Bad Gal Lash)
– Tarte tinted moisturizer (Smooth Operator #00)

Group B: Umbrella-ella-ella
My umbrella gets its own category for one simple reason: I. Hate. Getting. Wet. Well, unexpectedly, anyway. Showers don’t bother me. Come on, I’m not a freak! Just a weirdo who has a little OCD about carrying an umbrella EVERYwhere. Aaaaaaaand now you know how to torture me.

Group C: High Maintenance Hoopla
Alright, this is the part where you get to call me shallow. From left to right:

– Dry shampoo to refresh end-of-day oily hair & add volume (Rockaholic: Dirty Secret)
– Hairspray for my unruly bangs
– Hollywood Fashion Tape to prevent wardrobe malfunctions
– Hand lotion because the soap at work turns my hands to DUST
– Inhaler and Kleenex because I am a snotty, allergy-laden b*tch.
– Lil’ pouch containing nail clippers and tweezers
– Beeman’s gum & Yelp! mints
– Daily pill box I got for free and actually use because I have a condition called PCOS which is regulated by three different pills multiple times a day, one of which is birth control and none of which is aspirin between my knees.

Group D: Scrilla
Did you know “scrilla” is slang for money? Oh, you did? So I’m the only person on earth who just learned that in the last 6 months?

– The black & white item is my Merona clutch wallet from Target. I swear by them because they are compact, practical, and sorta chic.
– The green item containing photos is a checkbook cover Mom gave me. I strongly believe check-writing should be obsolete by now (IT IS 2012), but I also strongly believe that my mom is f*ckin’ adorable. And sadly, I do have to write the occasional check. Barf.

Group E: Stuff I Put On My Head
Philips headphones. I actually keep these in a sunglasses case in my bag to prevent damage/tangling with the rest of my junk.
– Black headband with black feather flower (the flower is removable — you can get a variety of interchangeable colors/patterns at JoAnn Fabs). I don’t carry this with me all the time, I just happened to wear it yesterday and toss it into my bag at the end of the night because it was hurting my fat head.

Group F
Keys, duh.

So there you have it. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my phone is not pictured because I typically keep it in a pocket. Or, if I’m being really honest, in my hand.

So, what’s in YOUR bag?

18 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag, Baby?

  1. Let’s hijack this post and make it all about pill boxes. I’ve been having trouble finding one that I can open without fingernails but can rely upon to stay closed inside my bag. Where did you get yours?

    • Yes please, can we hijack it? Because I am utterly thrilled that I’m not the only person under the age of 35 who does this. I have seriously questioned myself over it, but IT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE THAN CARRYING AROUND GIANT BOTTLES OF PILLS!

      I got mine for free in a swag bag from my place of work. It most assuredly does NOT stay closed. I’m losing pills all the time. At any given time, you could probably find 3-5 pills in the bottom of any one of the purses I use regularly. I really should get another one. I think I’d prefer one that requires a crowbar.

  2. I have a whole bag of makeup at home that I NEVER use. I seriously need to take that isht “Back To Mac” and trade it in for some new stuff. All I really ever use is foundation, concealer, lipstick/gloss, and mascara. Once in a blue moon I’ll use eyeshadow. (Which is why I probably look like crap on a regular basis – I don’t take the time to do my make-up properly).

    Also – mad props for the aspirin between the knees crack. If I am ever in a 50 mile radius of that guy, I am sure I will be able to find him by looking for the man being kicked in the junk by a bunch of women.

    • Ok first of all, you do NOT look like crap on a regular basis. You have lovely skin and rosy cheeks without makeup! I have circles under my eyes and an uneven complexion. Barf.

    • Actually, I don’t normally carry it — I have it left over from my Halloween costume (the cigarette girl)! I also have a ton of Clove gum and BlackJack gum (which I will NEVER chew because I loathe black licorice).

  3. I kind of want to post a photo of the contents of my work bag, because I have that think with me all the time and I would be lost without my micro USB cable, business cards, muji pen, and nivea cream.

  4. My comments:
    I guess if you don’t wear powder, you don’t…but since I always have, I’ve never understood ladies carrying around a mirror! It seems like a waste of space when you could have a two-in-one. (PS: I use CG Simply Powder Foundation. I do moisturizer and foundation super quick in the morning (like, 10 seconds quick) and if that’s there as a base layer, the CG stuff works great for cover up and touch up. Plus a mirror.)
    Also, doesn’t EVERY do their makeup in car/bus/at work. Once we’ve done it once, why not throw the stuff in our (comically large anyway) bags and sleep the extra 15 minutes. I’m not shallow. I’m sleepy-inny and APPARENTLY the world likes me to not look like a makeupless zombie.
    You are a cat! Also, do you seriously never EVER play in the rain? Or would that be okay because it’d be known, not unplanned? If not, I implore you to try. It is extremely fun and freeing.
    I OBJECT to you putting your INHALER in high maintenance!!!! “Ugh, I totally can’t stand when my bronchial tubes are constricting. What can I say, I’m a blue blood!”
    You nut. I mean, I guess you mean like, your health is more high maintenance than like, if you were totally healthy?

    I have a pillbox and I’m also embarrassed about it! …but I have lots of little things wrong wit me rather than a large chronic disease (ie, asthma, anxiety, high cholesterol). Do young women take more medicines than young men b/c we have ailments that affect us starting younger? Or b/c we see our doctors more and listen to them more? Or is it WHY we live longer? Hmmmm.
    I have never heard of the term Scrilla. What does it derive from?

    WHAT are you holding in the picture of you and …Joe I assume. Is that a dog?
    If you have a fat head, I have a fat head. I have practically given up EVER wearing headbands: I lose them like, an hour into the night because my head will be aching. I’m prone to headaches…but I’m unfortunately also prone to continually buying cute headbands.
    Uhhh…I have keys too!


  5. I don’t wear powder partly because I’m lazy, partly because I never really got into it in the first place, and partly because I don’t think I need it (I do have problem areas, but for the most part my skin is pretty even between oily and dry). So yes, I have to carry a mirror separately, but if you are carrying powder then why on EARTH would you need a mirror? Silly betches.

    I’ll tell ya what, I see the occasional lady applying mascara on the bus, but not a ton. I would feel awkward doing it there, but I def do it at my desk at work!

    I *AM* a cat when it comes to water! I do not play in the rain. Because then what? You’re uncomfortable and wet for the remainder of the day/time you are at that function or whatever? EW.

    Yeah, the inhaler is not really high maintenance — it just happens to be in that pile. I’m mostly referring to the hairspray, dry shampoo, fashion tape, and mini manicure set here. Because those things are NOT necessities, but I use them all the time!

    I think young women take more meds for the latter reason — we go to the doctor and listen to them (or at least try to). I have to nag the life out of Joe to get him to the doctor. THEN HE DOESN’T NEED A DOCTOR BECAUSE I NAGGED THE LIFE OUT OF HIM.

    No idea what scrilla comes from. Dru told me about it!
    And yes, that is my parents’ dog, Aslan! Giant white fluffball.

    Maybe we just have…. adult heads? Are headbands supposed to be for the younger crowd? If so, I object!


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