MiscellAddious: The Musical

Oh heyyyyyyyyy how are you? How about this weather we’re having? How’s your mom? How about my pathetic stalling tactics?

I’m sorry I neglected you AGAIN. I’ve been busy, honest. Ohhhhh, you’re busy too, huh? So you’re raising two kids, working full time, and running a charity? BIG WHOOP. Get back to me when you’ve eaten half a bowl of cookie dough and caught up on New Girl. Pssshhhhaw.

Arcade Comedy
On Friday night, the new Arcade Comedy Theater downtown opened its doors for the first time to the Cultural District Gallery Crawl. My husband and I, acting as comedy troupe Frankly Scarlett’s house band The Give-a-Damns, performed a couple of arcade themed covers (“Pinball Wizard” for example) and just generally wooed the crowds with our charm and talent.

Arcade has asked me to act as a musical talent and booking agent of sorts, so if you know a funny or unusual musical act in the area (or if you ARE one), please get in touch with me!

This year, Camelia Road was asked to collaborate on SWAN’s closing number with fellow Pittsburgh artists Emay and Continuum Dance Theater. Ive always written my music alone and with my own methods, so collaborating with another musician in the writing stage has caused me some… uh… insecurity.

Oh, you want me to expose my vulnerability to others? BRB.

Yet Another Music Project
Sometimes I think I’m involved in plenty of musical endeavors and even just one more thing would break the singing camel’s back. Then someone starts talking me up about a new idea and I decide that it can’t POSSIBLY be a bad idea to get involved in more creative things because yay music! It’s kind of like that whole “God never gives us more than we can handle” saying, except in this scenario I guess I’m God? And I have to decide how much is too much for myself to handle, and I still haven’t resolved that rock-so-big-even-I-can’t-lift-it thing so how can I possibly be expected to figure this one out?

Ohhhhhhhhh, NOW it makes sense.  

I’m sorry if this post proved disappointing because the title had you expecting a musical. Imagine how ambitious it would be to actually write one of those! That’s so much work1!

So what are YOUR excuses for not posting on your blog more often? Tell me all about it in the comments!

1Okay, yes, at some point I agreed to write a musical with a local theater company. Don’t look at me like that! The timeline is open-ended!

3 thoughts on “MiscellAddious: The Musical

  1. my not posting on my blog more often comes down to the main reason i don’t do anything as often as i should: laziness. i’m trying to be better at this, because frankly, it’s become quite pathetic.

    also, as an aside, stuff keeps happening in this town amongst people that i consider to be some of my best friends, and yet i don’t end up hearing about it till later. petty as it may seem, this makes me feel left out and sometimes saddened. is it because i’m not on facebook? i know in the past i was sometimes invited to stuff and would opt out because of whatever reason (bitterness, penury, work), and i think this may have scared people off of inviting me to things. but i now have pretty much every weekend off, and provided i’m not completely broke and it’s not hurricane type weather out, i’d like to see this shit more. i was not aware of any of this Arcade comedy stuff. i probably would’ve gone. this is probably not the place for the festivus style airing of grievances thing. just sometimes reading about this stuff or seeing after-the-fact instagram pictures of the fun makes me feel a bit like Mindy Kaling (no, not like an adorable Indian Lady; she wrote a book called “Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?”.) i’m not begging and i understand that i’m not invited to everything. that’s just be bizarre. but some comedy/music/movie related stuff i think would really help me in my outlook and create a real spirit of community among those i actually choose to be around (versus douchebags at work and whatnot). *cue violin music*
    i apologize for using this as a forum to be a sad bastard. as ever, i remain a true fan.

    • You hit the nail on the head with your facebook question. While I do enjoy facebook, I actually don’t like that it’s hands down the best place to promote things. When we have our party every year, we create the fb event and then we email you and Nicky Sue.

      I know you loathe the very idea of getting on facebook, but I assure you it would help you stay connected. And you really can control it if you want to. A lot of people over the years have been scaling back, deleting friends, and making it more personal. You can hide posts from people you don’t like and so on. It’s worth considering the two of you even getting a joint account like an adorable geriatric couple, just so you can be in the loop on events. Joe rarely posts anything, but he is at least kept abreast of events and happenings. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it really is the best place to be to stay in the loop. If you don’t like something, change it. What you can change here is being on facebook. Gross, I know.

      That said, it always makes me happy when you comment. I wish I could post on your darn tumblr posts! There was one the other day I wanted to comment on, but you can’t! I do comment on your blog when I can, though. Maybe I’ll leave my tumblr comments on your blog posts. 😉

      • i’m really not going to get on facebook. we could go back and forth with “well, that means you just won’t hear about things” and me going “well, why can’t you guys mention it elsewhere?” and it could get snippy, which is not good for any of us. i don’t get why facebook has to be the end-all-be-all, but if it does, then there’s that. for me it’s not a matter of preference. i don’t shop at walmart, eat at mcdonald’s, or use facebook, pretty much for all the same reasons. those reasons may not make sense to people, but i can’t do anything about that. i honestly don’t want to be left out of stuff, but i can’t expect everyone to cater to my needs, so.. c’est la vie, i guess.

        yeah, tumblr is kinda dumb when it comes to commenting. i’m pretty sure you have to be on tumblr to comment on tumblrs (tumbles?), so there’s that. i mostly just link stuff from my instagram or reblog stuff i see from other cool tumblrs i follow. it’s a very minor form of blogging in that sense. dunno.

        i appreciate any and all comments, and i hope to not only keep up with the blogging but actually post more! it can’t hurt.

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