Podcast Episode 9: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

What was your worst job ever? And how about gigs? Yeah man, we’ve all been there. Join me and my guests, comics Eric Donaldson and Derek Minto, as we tell tales of the worst jobs and shows we’ve ever had to perform.

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00:00 Intro
– We reminisce about the grand opening of Arcade Comedy Theater!
– Check out “the yo-yo guy” Mark Hayward. He’s amazing!
– Derek climbed Mount Everest to do this podcast. Ok not really but almost.

05:14  Pod Pourri
– Bad jobs are bad. We hope KFC isn’t listening.
– I nannied. ONCE.
– Enjoy stories from Facebook in our new segment, Facebook Says…
– Bad gigs are bad. And bad comedy gigs are the WORST.
– SINCERE DISCLAIMER: We do not condone the use of the word “retard” as a slur. Please consider the context.
– Comedy gets violent! For Derek, anyway.

57:10 Outro
– These guys are on Twitter! @eonhand@hatersforhire, and @bringstheruckus!
– Derek does his own awesome podcast called Haters for Hire with comics from all around town. Check it out!
– Eric will be at Mullen’s on Carson for the Mitch Hedberg 45th Birthday show on Feb 24! He’ll also eventually be doing a “So Bad It’s Good” live hecklevision at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, so follow them on Facebook for updates!
– Derek does two comedy open mic nights every Tuesday & Thursday at the Smiling Moose and Hambone’s, in case you ever wanted to try comedy!

So tell me, what were your worst jobs and gigs ever?

5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 9: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

  1. Here’s one I forgot about on the podcast!

    During my summer break from college one year, I temped. They offered a “general labor” job, and I figured I could handle that for one day. So I drove out to a hot warehouse to do some backbreaking manual labor all day while being yelled at.

    By lunch I was so exhausted and dehydrated, I used my break time to walk to a nearby Giant Eagle to buy a giant jug of apple juice. I drank it all at once.

    Not sure if you’ve ever tried drinking that much apple juice at once, but while it’s delicious going down, it’s turbulent in most other ways. So I had to finish the rest of my heavy lifting with what I’ve misheard Cat Steven’s lyrics as “bad apple gas”.

    I didn’t go back the next day.

  2. another great one. lots of laughs.


    i’ve noticed in the many years i’ve known Eric, a lot of his comedy deals with legs. i vaguely recall the phrase “sex with my leg” coming up. it’s true: head exploding is hack; leg exploding, GOLDEN.

    a bucket of spaghetti: hilarious and delicious. i’d eat that. sorry.

    can’t wait for that Hecklevision gig! hope a riot doesn’t erupt.

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