Halloween Special: The Great Plumpkin

As a chubby chick, my Halloween options can be, uh, slim. On one hand, I kind of like that it forces me to work a little harder to make my own awesome costume. On the other hand, why can’t a fat b*tch just buy a sexy referee costume from Target the day of the party and get on with it, nawmean?

Thing is, sometimes you have to pretend you’re not fat and just go with your heart (see Jem, left, from 2007). And sometimes you have to employ your curves and be a character who is also fat (see Ursula, center, from 2009). Then there are costumes that you can really make your own, regardless of weight (see cigarette girl, right, from 2011).

But it seems I’ve had the costume tables turned on me this year. My friend Caitlin dressed as — are you ready for this?

Me. She dressed up as me.

She and our friend Eric went as Bait & Switch, my musical comedy duo. In case you were wondering, the official Addi Twigg costume is a cute dress with a belt, some kick*ss heels, and blue-green tights. She even pinned back some of her long hair for makeshift bangs. It. Was. Adorable. And what is it they say about imitation? Yeah, that too.

They wore name tags just to seal the deal. I caught them as they were leaving the party, so you aren’t getting the full effect — but if you look closely at the very bottom of the photo, you can see a little bit of the blue-green tights under her green dress. She even did her “Addi smile” for the photo (courtesy of some facebook research). UNCANNY!

I think it might be my favorite thing ever when people I know dress as other people I know for Halloween. Our friend Milton was my husband Joe one year and it kind of blew my mind. I never thought I would be the subject of that, so thank you, Caitlin. You made my night!

So, what was your best costume ever? Or the best costume you ever saw on another person? Have you ever dressed as someone you knew, or had someone use you as a costume?

14 thoughts on “Halloween Special: The Great Plumpkin

  1. My best costume ever was when I was a Snork in elementary school. My mom used a paper towel roll wrapped with yellow fur for the snork piece on some enormous head which would have rivaled a college team’s mascot. I still have no idea how she constructed the head. I wish I had a photo of that costume, because it was epic.

    You looked fantastic as a cigarette girl – and I applaud your creativity in using your curves to create fun and tasteful costumes. I am still convinced that I am going to give up my profession and open a “non-skanky Halloween costume store” for women who don’t want to be a “sexy police officer” “naughty nurse” or some other “insert slutty in front of this profession” for Halloween. I don’t care how skinny you are – I’m over it. Nothing sets a great role model for our young girls then having the whore-it-up women’s costumes right next to the Disney Princesses and ladybugs. Reach for the stars, little ladies!

    • A snork sounds AWESOME. I was a unicorn one year, and it was the same kinda deal: giant cardboard head. I seem to recall thinking mom did an excellent job. I’m pretty sure it was pink AND purple.

      There is a way to be feminine and sexy without being slutty, though I admit I do not always follow that rule. The year you were the nurse was great! I loved your costume so much. It wasn’t slutty — it was tasteful but still sexy. I get why college girls want to be sluts — but it goes too far when high school girls are going down that path.

  2. i was also blown away by the Bait N’ Switch costume. way better than any stupid “sexy” whatever. hahaha i totally missed the “addi smile”, but in that photo, it’s unmistakable. they won.

  3. oh my god, this is great! that is a really fun story to tell…that someone dressed up as you for halloween! i never really thought i had a distinguishable style until i started working in the box offices and everyone was constantly commenting on my scarves, and now the fact that i wear skirts all the time. i kinda love that it’s my thing.

    my favorite halloween costume was when i dressed up as wayne campbell from wayne’s world, and my best friend brenda was dressed up as garth. the bummer part was that when everyone tried to guess what we were (because it apparently wasn’t obvious) they all thought we were truckers.

    • I pretty much love it. It feeds my hungry, hungry ego.

      I LOVE that you have your signature style. How funny would it be if we went as each other one year for Halloween!? We could pretty much just be ourselves anyway! HA!

      The Wayne’s World costumes sound hilarious. It’s a complete shame no one got it!

  4. ADDI. In the picture of you as a little girl, you look EXACTLY like some actress. WHO IS IT??? I feel like she was on an episode of Law & Order! I know that really narrows it down!!

  5. My best I would have to say is this year I was The Stig, from the BBC(and now History Channel) show Top Gear. He’s the faceless, speechless professional racing driver. It’s just a plain driving suit and helmet, but to pull it off, you can’t speak and you just stand with your arms crossed until someone gives you something to drive.

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