Shoes: The Wild Side

I tend to be a little gunshy about animal print, but these shoes beckoned to me.  Also, I enjoy taking gratuitous pictures of myself. I know, I know, pride comes before the fall. Fashion is danger!

I get some interesting looks when I wear this combo to work. And I love every frickin’ second of it.

Shoes: BCBGeneration Helara, $79.99 at Piperlime
Tights: Turquoise and Fuchsia, $15 (+shipping) at


What do you love to wear that gets odd looks from people?

15 thoughts on “Shoes: The Wild Side

  1. Sexy! Love the color combos! I give you so much credit – I can NOT walk in a heel that is higher than 2 1/2inches. And good thing because I would be 8 feet tall if I could. 🙂
    I’m not usually into animal prints either, but I saw a leopard print v-neck sweater at Express a little while ago and loved it, bought it. 🙂
    Have a great day Addi!!

    • I wear them now because I know I can’t forever! And unlike you, I NEED the height! I just got an animal print scarf, too. Mindy Kaling recently blogged about animal print making a comeback, so I think we’re safe. 🙂

  2. I have a pair of hot pink pumps I bought at Kmart, of all places, a few years ago. I love to pair them with a serious suit or work dress. They make me smile even on the most stressful of days!

    • Sometimes you find great shoes in the most unlikely places. Cheap or not, I’ve found some of my favorite pairs at Payless! And I agree, an intense pop of color is a great way to make working in a dull office a little more interesting!

  3. A) I love you and your shoes and your sometimes impulse gotta have these I don’t care attitude. B) I don’t understand these pictures – did you take them? Where?? Are there doctored in photoshop or did you take 2 different photos? C) I love that you bought something from piperlime because I love Project Runway and they push that website like it’s the only thing keeping Heidi Klum alive and it’s nice to see that real people can afford it and like it D) I think you look great in print and tights and you should not stop ever E) What do I wear that gets odd looks? Besides the occasional birthday suit Friday at work – I use to wear this awesome green ski cap in college that had an ireland patch on it. It was bright, bright green and had even one of those white puff things on the top – very not cool, but I loved it. I got some looks for that.

    • I did take them! In my dressing room on the floor, on my sheepskin from IKEA. I had to brighten the color a bit in PhotoShop because the lighting wasn’t great, but they are two different photos with two different colored tights! I also blurred the edges a bit so you couldn’t see my ugly red carpet. 🙂

      Have I seen that ski cap? I can’t picture it. Oh and I’m sure your patients LOVE birthday suit Fridays!

  4. I think animal print is a very delicate thing, like a super chocolate-y dessert. You can make one tiny move wrong and you’re Snooki (or in a chocolate coma). These shoes are on the right side of awesome.

    That said, and perhaps this is a subject of another blog entry; but do you have any advice for walking in heels? I don’t really have balance problems, but man, I have found my tolerance for the pain is going down and down. I wore pretty standard (not crazy high; 2-3 inch maybe?) high heels to a wedding a few weeks ago. About 1/2 way through the reception I was ready to die and had to just take them off. Then we walked to a SORT OF nearby bar for the afterparty…and I had to sort of, mentally leave my body in order to withstand the fire daggers of pain shooting into my feet.

    I have tried some of the items on this page: …with varying success (I didn’t remember to pack them for this wedding). Any recommendations?

    • Oh my gosh, that’s a great idea for a separate entry! I am already making a list in my head. Maybe next week. I am certainly not invincible to foot pain, and my tolerance is lowering with age, obviously. But yes, I would love to give you some tips. I’m sure you’re already ahead of the game with buying ball of foot pads and the like. And I know you have a pair of those fast flats! Smart!

    • At the Halloween party on Friday, Robin mentioned she was wearing some Dr. Scholl’s product that was wonderful. So you may want to check with her. Hopefully it’s not one of the ones that didn’t work so well for you in the past.

    • They’re great. It’s odd how they fit — a little larger than your typical 9, but they still work because they have a giant strap keeping my foot in them. But yes. I’m glad you were there to help talk me into them and to supply a coupon! Win/win. 😀

  5. As far as I am concerned, one can NEVER go wrong with animal print. I just purchased a DKNY faux leopard print coat from Lane Bryant. The only reason I haven’t worn it yet is that everywhere I go (those divey shithole old man bars) wreaks of stink cigarette smoke. Animal print and teal… FOREVER.

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