Love Your Body Day: Fashionably Late

Pssst! You should check out what my pal Robin had to say on this topic over at HitchDied! She’s the only reason I even knew this was a thing! This post is part of the 2011 Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival.

October 19th was Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival and I completely missed it. Darned if I won’t blog about it, though! Just try and stop me! Except don’t, because I like to talk about myself. You know this.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: I love my boobs. I love my big, voluptuous, cup-runneth-over ta-tas. I love how bangin’ they look in dresses, in t-shirts, and in my husband’s hands. They. Are. Magnificent.

Now for the less obvious: I love the gap between my teeth. To be honest, I hated it when I was a kid. But I’m glad I didn’t let the dentist fix it because it’s a big part of who I am now. Strangers walk up to me occasionally just to tell me they love it.  You can always tell if I have taken a bite of your apple. And I should probably mention it happens to be the first thing Joe noticed about me. Well, after the boobs anyway.

I love my legs and how strong they are. They have to be to carry around this trunk o’junk! I love using them to make silly dance moves, especially at weddings. I love how long they look in a hot pair of stilettos and how shapely they look in a cute pair of boots. I love that my mom’s favorite photos from our wedding are the ones where my legs are showing. I get my legs from her, and she has great legs despite being a shorty like me.

I love my ears and my vocal chords because they work together to make me a singer. I love my rosy cheeks and golden-brown hair. You guys, I LOVE my bangs! I love painting my toenails on my cute little feet.  I love dressing to accentuate all my good parts, instead of dressing to hide my flaws. Don’t let anyone convince you those are one in the same.

I love my body even though it’s not what the media tells me it should be. Ladies, it is especially important for us to love ourselves in a world where not only are models unrealistically skinny, but their already impossible standards are then Photoshopped beyond oblivion. Me? I’m invincible to that sh*t. Besides, of the two ladies pictured below, who do you think looks happier? Yeah, thought so.











 Right hand photo by Lou Stein

So tell me: what do you love about your body?




38 thoughts on “Love Your Body Day: Fashionably Late

  1. Addi, I love this post. One of my favorite parts are my breasts, too. They’ve nourished my children and been 12 different sizes, but they’re mine and I think they’re perfect. I love my eyes, even though I wear glasses sometimes. My glasses are sassy, though, so I love them too. I love my butt. I love my hair, when it was long and especially now that it’s short.

    Thanks for this self-affirming exercise!

    • Mollie, I love your comment! I’m sure Chris would agree about your boobs. 🙂 And you DO have sassy glasses. That’s a great word for it! Mollie, you ROCK the short hair. Not everyone can pull that off. But on you? It’s fabulous.

    • Well, let me start for you. You have gorgeous big eyes! And flawless skin! And an awesome VOICE! Not to mention two lovely children, whose adorable pictures I saw on facebook today. And did I mention your beautiful smile and the impeccable sense of humor that accompanies it? I miss laughing with you! I’m sure you can come up with even more if you stop to think about it…

    • Oh YAY freckles! And I’m sure the hubby loves those lips too. 😉 That picture is INSANE and gives me the willies. WTF were they thinking? It is frightening to think of all the hands that had to go through, and they all approved it!

    • Thanks, Lynn! So glad you like it. Hey, a bunch of us are going to Del’s tonight for karaoke for a friend’s birthday, in case you guys are interested. 🙂

  2. I love my curves, and love that my flank has a curve just large enough for a spooning arm.

    As I get older, I really also love my skin. Thank you, Megan’s skin, for being completely normal. For not getting acne and not flaking, and for being all “Yeah, okay, try that new makeup. I won’t freak out. Promise.” In return, I promise to moisturize for the week after I read a magazine article that says I should, and then will probably forget to after that.

    • You DO have great curves and great skin. I think a lot of people with resilient skin take it for granted! Also, “The Spooning Arms” should be added to the list of band names.

  3. I seriously think you have some of the best gams of any woman I know. (I am trying to use that term more often for some reason…)

    I like my cupid’s bow lips with the turned up corners… and the boobs, while small… are perky, so I can’t complain about that. Those are probably my best features.

  4. Well said darling! It’s time we ladies (and gents) screamed it from the rooftops! I LOVE (insert your special parts here) about myself!
    I love my height, even though I tower over 90% of my female friends, and with the right footwear, sometimes my husband. I can always reach what I want on the top shelf, I usually have a great vantage point for photos in the mosh pit at concerts, people mistake me for being athletic (I couldn’t care less about MOST sports), and because I’m so tall, I have great legs……
    I love my legs, long and strong. They look great in shorts, skirts, pumps, boots, knee high socks…I think they are my favorite.
    I love my eyes. They are super expressive, which can work for me and against me at times, lol. They are also the portals that give me my photographic vision as well as the windows to my soul, which I feel I have a pretty good one. My husband also loves them and included them in a song he wrote.
    I love my butt. It’s not on the scale of J-Lo or Beyonce, but it’s banging. And looks awesome in a pencil skirt.
    My sense of humor and smile are what I will close this out with. It took me a long time to be comfortable with both, but now that I have, I won’t stop smiling and laughing.
    Thanks again Addi for making us a bit more positive today.

    • Your height is absolutely striking. I am totally jealous of it, for aesthetic reasons and practical ones!

      I love your smile, Kahmeela! You have beautiful teeth! I won’t comment on your butt, but I will take your word for it about the pencil skirt. 🙂

      So glad you learned to love your smile and laugh — they are both awesome.

  5. Wow Addi, this is my favorite post yet. You’re really making me want to start blogging again… or I can just read your posts!

    What do I love about myself? My cute feet with the great tattoos, the hands that allow me to take photos and write and play guitar and be creative in general. I have never thought they are pretty, but I love them for the joy the allow into my life through making stuff.

    I love that, no matter what my weight, my body remains proportioned and, yes, my boobs are pretty sick right now, though yours are better, especially once you got that amazing bra that blew my mind! I think I need one 🙂

    What else. My eyes are stunning, and are probably my favorite thing. That and my hair, which is a source of pride and confidence.

    I love you and the confidence you always have. I said it recently and I’ll say it again, you are more beautiful now than I ever remember you being.

    • You are one of the most beautiful women I know, no matter your weight. It does help with the boobs though, you’re right! 😉 You have used your hands to do so many creative and worthwhile things — don’t leave out handling animals with them! That’s such a big part of you!

      Your hair is nothing short of Amazonian and might I add that you have lovely skin. I also think you look super hot with a nose piercing!

  6. My self-loathing is at an all-time high currently, but I’ll throw you a bone.

    I love my fabulous, wildly thick and curly hair even more since I stopped coloring it. The streaks of gray are crazy-cool. My oversized color-changing eyes continue to rock. Usually blue, my eyes will literally turn a shade of green depending on my mood. Regardless of the poor decisions I’ve made, I give mad props to my brain. I remember the lyrics to nearly every pop song from the past 30 years and can find a missing toy with my impressive memory. I’m pretty stinking intelligent so I think I’ll continue to praise my noggin.

    • I need to see these streaks of gray. I’m sure they look rad. I think your brain is pretty excellent, too. It has produced one of my favorite blogs. 🙂

      Pop music lyrics are IMPORTANT, y’all. Don’t underestimate the ability to remember them! That is just one of many awesome things your delightful brain has accomplished.

  7. You asked, so here’s your guy comment. I love nothing physically about my body, nothing looks right. But, everything works together in a highly skilled manner. Wether its work, or when my crazy hobby calls and I have to enter a burning building to find fire or people or run an extraction tool to get someone out of a badly mangled car. I’m pretty good at doing those, so I guess you could say that about the only thing.

    • Paul, I think it’s incredible that you use your body like that to help others. I mean, you are actually sacrificing your body to save other people’s lives. I’d say that’s a thing of beauty. Thanks for commenting.

  8. As I said on Facebook, this was an amazing post. I will be sharing it with friends.

    While I do admittedly covet your lovely ladies, I’m pretty happy with my (as an ex said) “small but nice” boobs – a previous source of insecurity that has since been overcome, thank goodness. I also adore my height even if it does make me taller than 80% of the males in Pittsburgh.

    It’s good to be a little self-praising every once in a while. So glad this gave me such an opportunity. You’ve earned yourself another devoted reader!

    • So glad you decided to swing over, Lindsey! As I said to Kahmeela earlier, I am totally jealous of the height. And I once heard that “more than a mouthful is a waste” when it comes to boobs, so to each their own! 🙂

  9. I (more and more) try to love my dark hair and pale skin, because I spent so much of my youth trying to change this because I thought I looked like a goth weirdo. Highlighting or tanning….tried to make everything more “normal.” But I like that it is a reminder of the two very different people who made me–a daughter of a Jewish man born in South America and a woman from the central-est of Pennsylvania, both of whom made their way OUT of where they came from to eventually fall in love with the least likely person. I may have forgotten my Spanish and haven’t visited Argentina (yet)…but alllll over my body is a reminder of being half Fudor. And I haven’t been back in New Bloomfield since my grandpa died and I miss my grandparents so much, but allll over my body is a reminder of being half Stephenson.

    I also grew up thinking blondes were more desirable, and brunettes were the ‘funny ones.’ Thank you Zoey Deschanel and Tina Fey! I also kind of like my dark hair because I do get compliments on it, and EVERY time I think of the hundreds (seriously hundreds) of dollars I have saved every year since I stopped consistently highlighting. And I’m kind of grateful every day of this dark mane that I don’t have gray yet …because I will start coloring again I’m sure.

    All that said, this combo makes plucking, waxing, shaving a must and fuck if I will never tire of that marathon of bullshit. I know you hear me grrrrrl.

    • I love your dark hair against your pale skin! It’s stunning. I honestly believe that your dark hair will lead to gorgeous silver when you get older. My grandma had dark hair, and she had some of the most beautiful silver hair I’ve ever seen. I’m concerned mine will be dishwater gray because it’s lighter! :/

      I totally hear you about the hair removal, grrrrrl. BARF.

  10. Here is another dude comment.

    My gut. I love my big beer belly. Even though it hasn’t seen a beer in quite sometime.
    The ladies seem to like it also. Also my large hands. Oh and my calves. I used to get tons of compliments on my calves.

  11. ADDI!! you are my favorite.

    also i love all the stuff that all these wonderful women wrote! Thank you for inspiring that!

    its weird how it would be way easier to come up with a list of things I hate rather than things I love! and it feels less embarrassing to talk about things I love!

    So here goes- I love my eyebrows. That’s been the one thing I’ve always loved.
    I always wanted brown eyes, but I’ve come to like these blue ones I got.
    And whatever softness it is that makes me good at hugging, that. Because I’m good at it.
    and my mouth is great because every single thing I say is amazing.

    • YOU are MY favorite.

      You have adorable eyebrows. And glowing skin. And perfect teeth, wtf!? Huggable? Check. Gorgeous, shiny hair? Check. Brains? CHECK AND CHECK.

      And I heart your toes because I like getting pedicures together.

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