Spring in My Step

I cannot resist the shoe section when I visit a Target. I don’t always buy something, but I always want to. I was there with my bro recently when I spotted these beauties, and I got a WEE bit excited because I’ve been looking for a cute pair of nude heels in either patent leather or suede. These fit the bill juuuuuust right.

Target Women’s Mossimo Paisley Platform Pumps – Blush ($29.99)

Why yes, they ARE the same shade as my pale legs. Thanks for noticing. 

Here are the features I love best:
♥  Nude! Patent!
♥  Platform for the appearance of greater height without the pain
♥  Pop of color on the platform
♥  Strap across the top to prevent slippage

That’s such a sterile photo, though. Let’s get these babies dirty*, shall we?

I love instagram! Mostly because the right effect
can perfectly mask my quarter-inch long leg hair.

And, since it’s hard to see the heel in the above photo (and because I’m a narcissistic em-effer), here is less springy but far leggier shot:

I won’t lie — they’re a little higher than I’m used to, even with the platform. But they have decent padding and honestly, JUST LOOK AT THEM.

*No shoes were dirtied in the making of this post.

13 thoughts on “Spring in My Step

  1. Several notes:

    1) Your legs look out-of-control sexy
    2) I am not normally a shoe person but those shoes hit something deep within me that makes my heartbeat sound like “I want I want I want”
    3) But I know I would be unable to walk in them

    So I am generally all-around impressed with you. Nice work.

  2. Oh man, I really love these! I wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but if there were a version that came with a heel about 2 or 3 inches lower, I’d be all over them. I just got a pair of nude heels (2 1/2 inch heel, to be exact, haha) at Avenue for like $8 and I love em!

    • What are the Avenue ones like? Round toe, I assume? Are they Mary Janes? Are they paler or darker than your skin? These are seriously darker than my skin in natural light. Or any other light. :/

  3. You have ALWAYS impressed me with your ability to wear platforms and heels and look GOOD doing it! I love those shoes. I actually saw a pair with the same color scheme at Lane bryant. They were peep toes with a chunkier heel, but they were nude patent with a black heel and pink platform. Super cute! I wanted to buy them, but they sold out before I had a chance. 🙂
    Target has great shoes! i would break my ankles in those, but just got some cute (flat) sandals and I love them!

    • Target DOES have great shoes. Didn’t you get your cute frilly pink wedges there? They’re awesome for sandals! I should probably get some of those, too. 😉

  4. I give these a gigantic thumbs up! I think one of those ridiculously expensive brands at Macy’s had something similar for an ungodly price, so it makes me so happy to see you find an adorable and affordable (and probably a lot more comfortable) alternative! Nice gams, lady!

    • Yeah, I have seen similar pairs all over the place — DSW even — but none of them fit the bill. And several pairs were just too high with no strap or anything to compensate for it.

  5. This is really close to what Pantone has branded as “Tangerine Tango,” the color of 2012.

    I love the color and I think I was perhaps even more convinced than you that you needed them as soon as I saw them.

    • I love it. I ABSOLUTELY love it. Trust me, I wanted them as much as you wanted me to have them, but I had to try them on first. If they’re too high it is an absolute dealbreaker. Once I tried them on, I knew they’d be coming home with me! I’m glad you were there to back me up, though. 🙂

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