Forwarding a Dress

Fall is one of my favorite times of year because LAYERS, EVERYONE. And you know what the best part is? You don’t even need to go shopping! You can take all those cute little dresses you wore all summer and turn them into perfect little autumn ensembles.

Here are some of my favorite summer looks converted for the cooler months.

Indigo Girl
I love this Lane Bryant dress because it’s jersey, so my bits rest comfortably in it. The shoes (Madden Girl) aren’t too cruel, either. The coral belt I personally own is a wide one, but I like the skinny look, too. And of course, BANGLES.

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So if we add a blazer and a scarf, throw in some tights and rich suede wedges… Voilà!

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Funky Fresh Floral
This floral number from Torrid was my go-to for the spring/summer of 2012. I loved it so much I that a bought a backup! All I had to do was throw on some boots and jewelry and I was all set, day or night. The octopus necklace is from Pageboy in Lawrenceville. They have a HUGE selection of similar items and I highly recommend stopping in.

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The black lace jacket and red belt below are also Torrid. I don’t own the shoes that are pictured, but they capture the essence of the black heels I’d wear with this. I’d probably slip on a chunky ring of some sort with this getup, too. And then there’s my signature — the brightly colored tights.

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The cold weather is coming, y’all! I CAN SMELL IT.


7 thoughts on “Forwarding a Dress

  1. Layering is the best. Right now I’m wearing a green shift dress with a black shirt over it plus grey tights, black boots and a necklace I bought at my ex-boss’s yard sale. Yay for fall!

  2. this is gonna sound kinda rude, because i know you wear them, the GF wears them, and tons of my friend-girls wear them, but i’m kinda over scarves, especially the bunchy weird ones that are basically a connected circle. i dunno. i’m certainly not telling you or anyone else not to wear them (i don’t tell anyone to do anything; it’s not my place), i just see them everywhere, and i’m like “oh, we’re still doing that? huh…”
    oh well.

    • RUDE! Ok, but seriously, it’s cool. I feel that way about scarves in the summer. The only reason I wear them when the weather is warm is because I LIT-RULLY need them to cover my cleavage at work. Dresses just can’t contain my bosom, and I’d rather NOT get fired.

      But on the flip side, in the cooler months, they are just so many levels of awesome. They add warmth, for one, and they can also add a nice contrast of color or pattern to schnazz up an outfit a bit.

      But yes, I agree with you when they are not necessary. <3

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