Podcast Episode 5: Sibling Revelry

It’s the holidays, and that means spending LOTS of time with family. I decided it would make sense to share some childhood stories, so my guest this time around was my brother, Andrew. He also brought his dog Rusty, who didn’t have much to contribute to this topic. Probably because he’s an only child.

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02:24 Pod Pourri
– Our childhood stories! Appendicitis, broken bones, and runaway cars! How did we survive?
– YOUR childhood stories! How did YOU guys survive stuffing each other into sleeping bags and beating the life out of each other until you passed out? Good grief.
– Twigg sibling musical tastes & harmonizing ESP

44:59 Games People Play
– Whoops, we remembered some more childhood stories. Let’s add them here!
– Taboo ESP! Celebrity! Party games are where it’s at.
– We get our competitiveness honestly…

58:45 Outro
– Y’all can find Andrew on Twitter @andrewtwigg or on Instagram @andrew_twigg!
– Thanks for joining me, bro. I love you.
– Leave your sibling stories in the comments!

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