Podcast Episode 6: 48 Hour Film Frenzy

I’m back! And this time I worked my equipment correctly! Mostly!

My guest this round is Kahmeela Adams-Friedson, movie buff, producer, and all around delight. Officially.

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02:46 Pod Pourri
– What the eff is a 48 Hour Film Project?
– There’s a 48 Hour MUSIC VIDEO Project WHAAAAAT?
– The Hollywood Theater in Dormont. You guys? GO THERE.

28:02 If I Were You
– 48 Hour Film Project advice!
– We recommend “worst movies ever” for you to see! Some of which we love without irony!

48:43 Games People Play
– Personality test based on your top ten movies! See for yourself at cinescopes.com
– The results are…. questionable? But entertaining, no less.

57:56 Outro
– You can find Kahmeela on Tumblr or Twitter!
– Don’t forget to check out 48hourfilm.com/pittsburgh, too!
– Kahmeela mentioned a very cool project called Write to Rebuild, which is a competition for original screenwriters to submit stories about natural disasters. The winner will be produced as a short film with Theo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy in the lead role! Visit w2r.org for more details.
– Her actual job is with MCG Jazz, which seems to have some sweet shows coming up so pop over to their calendar for more info.
Thanks for adding it up with us!

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