Podcast Episode 12: Pranks a Lot

I’m not much of a prankster but the Cetras, who grew up in an Italian Catholic family with seven kids, LOVE a good prank. Gabe and Steve take us on a walk down memory lane, which is paved with practical jokes.


Intro 00:00
– We recorded on Easter, so we all had ham on the brain.
– Check out our sponsors, Arcade Comedy Theater! So much good comedy in the Burgh.
– If you rate & review me on iTunes, I will read your review on the air. Promise!

Pod Pourri 04:43
– Turds and poop? Always. Funny.
– Sometimes you keep your cool. Sometimes you call 911.
– Facebook Says! Man, you guys really delivered.
– “Poopin” proof, but blurred to protect the innocent:

Games People Play 56:51
– Gabe and Steve engage in a homemade pranks version of Would You Rather?

Outro 01:02:09
– Gabe and I are in Photo Joe & the Negatives together. Gabe is also proudly on Pinterest. He’ll master this technology thing yet!
– Steve runs Pittsburgh Punk Rock. You can get their t-shirts from Wildcard right now!

What other pranks have you pulled? Were you ever the victim of a practical joke gone wrong? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 12: Pranks a Lot

  1. -Not knowing what a podcast is until you are a guest on one is amazing.
    – Stealthy Night Shitters. is an unforgettable phrase.
    – Catholic school pranks! I could listen to a whole podcast about these.
    – I might have stabbed Anne Marie. Not that I would have wanted to. But please, anyone, don’t do that. I startle VERY easily.
    – I would rather the dead racoon and to be punched in the face. I don’t particularly relish being punched in the face, but I am really worried about stabbing the person in the box and going to jail.

    Great podcast!

    • Man oh, man, the first thing you said. That would’ve made the whole thing worthwhile for me even if it sucked. Which it didn’t. So bonus!

  2. better late than never: i finally listened to this one. funny shit… Literally!
    plus now i get the ham salad sandwich reference from my episode.

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