Podcast Episode 19: Who’s Your Daddy?

John Hancock and Joshua Patton join me to talk about having dads, being dads, and our favorite fictional fathers for this special Father’s Day episode!


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Intro 00:00
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Pod Pourri 06:25
From fart clouds to fear of royal fuckups, John and Joshua tell me all about why being a dad is awesome/terrifying.

Facebook Says 44:21
Sometimes your dad does something sweet like send you peanut butter at college. And sometimes he scars you for life by shaving  off all his facial hair.

Games People Play 53:58
Dad themed trivia!

Outro 01:00:20
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11 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 19: Who’s Your Daddy?

    • OMG, you really didn’t. I mean, I KNOW that about you, but my listeners probably think you’re a big ol’ jerk now. Which is also true, so…

  1. When Patton threw out the term “mulligan” I lost my shit… I’m at the office. People thing I’m strange already. 🙂

  2. This is already awesome.

    Thank you, John, for plugging the forensics show. 🙂

    I have never heard Josh called Joshua either.

    Yes, please, to game night!

    My parents literally did rag on me for buying too many books.

    Here is the history of “wehaugh.” In 2007, Abby and I were gChatting and I jokingly called her stupid. She responded “wehaugh!” which was meant to be the written form of the breathy, faux-offended noise we made at each other at pretend offense. I said it looked like a donkey bray. And then we just started saying it phonetically.

    I loved John’s sheepish response to being scolded about Robin’s dead dad.

    Also, Robin’s dad stories. All of the tears.

    So glad they made Cliff a doctor.

    Great episode!

    • Thank you for explaining “wehaugh” because I had no idea how to explain it to my listeners without just being like, “Eh, it’s an inside joke. BYE.”

      I AGREE about Cliff! I think the chauffeur thing would’ve been way less entertaining and heartwarming.

  3. For those of you who are not Night Court historians, the original bailiff Selma Hacker (played by Selma Diamond) died and was replaced by Florence Kleiner (played by Florence Halop) who also died during the run of the show, before the third and final female bailiff Roz, (played by Marsha Warfield), died on a field in the middle of a war.

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