Podcast Episode 18: Karaoke Junkies

Two singers and a DJ explore the strange and often hilarious entertainment phenomenon that is karaoke.


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Eric and I recount our most favorite karaoke tales. Moats airs out all his dirty karaoke laundry. By the way, check out Bev n Bob music. You’ll thank us.

Facebook Says 57:33
I would love nothing more than to do karaoke with you all. Moats suggests there’s a bell curve when it comes to drinking and karaoke. Let’s test that theory!

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Moats is appearing in Taming of the Shrew on June 1-9 for Shakespeare in South Park. Eric is performing at Arcade on June 7 at 8pm and 10pm. Find these guys on Twitter too, at @eonhand and @seemyplay.

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12 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 18: Karaoke Junkies

  1. Yeah, pretty much every song I have done at karaoke, I never know it as well as I think I do. Whoops. And when I sing “Mercy” which is my favorite song to do at karaoke, there is one segment (and it is the same every time) that I *just plain forget* how it goes.

    • I am TOTALLY guilty of this. I occasionally decide to do an 80s song I think I remember, then it turns out. I don’t. At all. Whoops, indeed.

      • i do it quite a bit. usually if you hear me finish a song with “thanks anyway!” it’s because i feel i did poorly on it. i sometimes just get excited when i see certain songs, think “i fucking know this!” and do it and realize, yeah, it’s probably been a few years since i actually sat down and listened to that song. whoopsy!

  2. I’m not at all confident singing and don’t have a great voice. Nor is my sense of timing that fantastic. Which makes me wonder WHY THE FUCK WOULD I EVER TRY TO SING “SOUNDS OF SILENCE” BY SIMON & GARFUNKEL? SOLO??? I doubt you guys remember that (it was after the first of two Spinster shows I was in), but it was *mortifying*. Just the absolute worst. And thus I vowed to never again attempt karaoke.

    • that saddens me, as there are people who often go for much gusto in the realm of Karaoke that are by no means good singer. indeed, many of them can probably barely talk!
      i personally don’t think Karaoke is about having a good voice. i think it’s about hilarity, fun, and performance. for fuck’s sake, it was invented by drunk japanese businessmen!

      • Agree. IT’S FUN, JUST DO IT! Newt, I would break my rule and sing something with you if that would bring you back to karaoke. 🙂

    • i don’t like to sing w/ people either, but i would do battling Danzigs with you, Newt. we can make it happen.

  3. If anyone wants to help out on weekends this summer, Chatroulette Karaoke parties can continue much sooner…

  4. oh, hey, guys.
    upon listening to this, i was like “man, Moats probably hates when i do Karaoke!”, tho i’ve never seen him go to the bathroom during one of my songs. i don’t think i’m a particularly good singer, tho i do think i can carry a tune (and maybe i’m wrong). generally speaking, i try hard not to repeat songs too often. if i do, it’s either cuz someone asked or i’m just like “can’t think of anything, so i’ll go with these”. i’m not sure why, but i really like doing “crowd work” whilst singing, particularly if i’m rather drunk and the people i’m interacting with seem somehow incongruous, like “why are they here? when would i ever interact with them? it’s funny” (to me). i dunno, maybe it’s obnoxious, but no one’s ever punched me out or anything. also, during the musical breaks you mentioned in the episode, i sometimes take the time to do commentary, either about the song, the artist, or just whatever i think of. i’m sure people really enjoy that! (sarcasm)

    the anecdote with my long time pal and current roommate Wayne is amazing to me. Addi, yes, his band is a metal band, but not Death Metal. they’re heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and would probably classify themselves as Doom Metal. now that i’m done being pedantic, i like the idea of Moats “making” people do songs, as this angry woman seemed to suggest. um, people request the songs they want to do and he facilitates that. he hardly makes anyone do anything. so strange. but it was very funny.
    i was also psyched to hear about the “kway”. i still refer to my netflix queue as my kway. hilarious. i do recall one time someone at Elk’s saying “cue that up” and Eric going “yeah, kway that up”. that was amazing. i miss that unnamed guy and wish he would come to Del’s.

    personally, if anyone were to ask me, i’d say “please never do Journey again”. obviously, Don’t Stop Believing would be my number one choice, but really any of it. and not just because i don’t like Journey at all. i really just think their day is over in the Karaoke world. s’played, y’all.

    great episode, guys (or girl!).

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