Podcast Episode 17: Kennywood’s Open!

It’s amusement park season! Friend and roller coaster enthusiast Chris Webber joins me to nerd out over his love of coaster design and construction, and we toss some stomach-dropping listener stories into the mix.


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Pod Pourri 03:54
Chris explains his love affair with roller coasters, how things have evolved, and some of his best/worst experiences. He pretty much schools me on coaster culture. And in case you wondered, our beloved Kennywood has an excellent reputation!

Chris also gives some advice to fellow park visitors. And if you haven’t yet, please read the Action Park Wikipedia page. It will blow your mind, and your faith in humanity.

Facebook Says 36:48
Your stories made me miss Kennywood LIKE WHOA.

Games People Play 46:17
I ask Chris questions about Action Park, a death trap of an attraction in northern New Jersey.

Outro 01:00:40
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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 17: Kennywood’s Open!

  1. – I love that Chris starts out *immediately* being too polite.
    – I don’t know how I feel about adding steel track to wooden coasters. I think I don’t feel good about it.
    – You also go to the Jack Rabbit last, if you can time it right. The Jack Rabbit is the best!
    – I refuse to correctly identify The Phantom’s Revenge. I consistently call it the Steel Phantom. Which, for a Pittsburgher, is pretty normal, except for the fact that I never actually lived here when the Steel Phantom existed. I did not grow up riding it or, in fact, ever actually set eyes on it in real life. Wonk?
    – I wish I had been around for the whale tongue.
    – Apparently going on a coaster with someone who is afraid of them is a jinx.
    – I think I take the snakes. I like boats and I don’t really mind snakes. Unless they’re poisonous?
    – Addi, you do do the Potato Patch wrong.
    – I can’t wait for Kennywood!!!! (As you both know, we aren’t doing Kennywood for my official birthday this yeah, but we are doing it soon)

  2. Some day I shall grace this thread with tales of my wigging out on the Norway ride at EPCOT.

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