Episode 16: Grown Man Business with Aaron Kleiber

Actor and comedian Aaron Kleiber is the hardest working Pittsburgh-based comic I know. I finally had the chance to corner him and ask annoying questions about the biz. Tune in and you’ll find out why Aaron is one of my favorite funny people.


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Intro 00:00
Meet Aaron! And hear the reviews you lovely people have written! Also, don’t forget to check out our awesome/funny sponsors.

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Pod Pourri 09:38
How the hell do you go from working day jobs to being a career entertainer? How does an improv background make you a better stand-up comic? Aaron answers these and many, many more of my obnoxious questions.

Games People Play 53:19
Religion & comedy themed trivia questions featuring Sam Kinison, Victoria Jackson, and a Christian mom comic you’ve probably never heard of!

Outro 01:04:44
Visit www.aaronkleiber.com to order your copy of Aaron’s fresh DVD. Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to his DVD release party May 12. He’s also @aaronkleiber on Twitter and is doing a new “Watch It For You” series on the AaronKleiber YouTube Channel where he describes movies as he views them so that you don’t have to!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 16: Grown Man Business with Aaron Kleiber

  1. “Aaron Kleiber started here. Sort of.” ~ thing that will be going on FNI’s marketing materials soon.

    I don’t understand how you don’t dance to the Podpourri jingle. Are you dead inside?

    I really wish I could remember the other points I had written down but got deleted when I stupidly left the page after the podcast was over. They were hilarious and insightful. So…

    • See? THANK YOU. I knew I wasn’t paranoid for wishing he’d been dancing! Now suddenly I’ve had a zombie guest on my show. Wait, this could work out in my favor…

  2. Okay, full disclosure: this is going to be a rant. Nothing personal towards Aaron, he just said something that drove me a little crazy.

    As a would-be college professor of Film/Video Production, I take exception to the notion that an undergrad program is responsible for keeping their equipment as updated as possible. The point of an undergraduate liberal arts Communication education with an emphasis on film/video is to make you cognizant of film/video techniques. And while that may be easier and/or more interesting with the most updated technology available, it’s not necessary. If you want to learn the ins and outs of the tech, go to trade school. Reel-to-reel editing is the same as non-linear as far as the technique goes. You cut where you cut for a specific aesthetic purpose that has NOTHING to do with technology. Same with cameras. Sure, it might be nice to train students on HD Redcams. But you can teach them how to create proper mis-en-scene and eyeline and aesthetics of angles on 16mm. What’s galling about Aaron’s comment is that it’s the kind of misunderstanding that makes underfunded colleges, especially state colleges, scramble for more money. When really the updated tech isn’t necessary. I *will* say that having updated tech to work with makes you more desirable in the industry, but frankly a good editor is a good editor is a good editor. Skill and talent and training trumps knowledge of tech every time.

    • “Skill and talent and training trumps knowledge of tech every time.”

      i agree with this 1000%
      (this comment is only in agreement with the above sentence, not a remark on the content of the episode or said episode’s guest, as i haven’t yet listened)

      • It’s a good episode and he’s a funny and interesting guest. Just that one thing he said… It was the briefest of comments and they moved on quickly because it wasn’t really vital to the topic at hand. I just went batshit. Like talking out loud to the podcast batshit.

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