Podcast Episode 15: The Self-Proclaimed Cool Guy

Mark Hayward is a world champion yo-yoer, juggler, and self-proclaimed cool guy. From Pittsburgh’s Arcade Theater all the way to the Late Show with David Letterman, Mark brings us stories about the ups and downs of a professional variety performer.


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Intro 00:00
Mark and I are new friends thanks to Arcade Comedy, and they’re one of our sponsors so check them out! Act Classy is another new sponsor. Hilarious site, and they also have a podcast! By the way, don’t forget you can get Add It Up Podcast extras on our facebook page!

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Pod Pourri 09:29
Mark tells us how he became a pro, what his best and worst gigs have been like, and something something math and yo-yos? We also sing the praises of his partner in crime, Jonathan Burns, and comic magicians Michael Kent and Lee Terbosic.

Facebook Says 53:35
I ask, Facebook delivers. Stupid stunts! Vague card tricks! School picture day?

Games People Play 59:07
More homespun trivia! I quiz Mark on Fireside Chats, yo-yos, and even himself. He at least gets one right…

Outro 01:04:28
Mark can be found on MarkHayward.netfacebook.com/markhaywardisawesome, and @markhayward on Twitter. I lost track of his web presence after that. Mark and Jonathan‘s next Fireside Chat is May 17 at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Got any questions for Mark? Post ’em in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 15: The Self-Proclaimed Cool Guy

  1. I am really excited to know what the G stands for in Milton’s name. I also like the sound effects.

    True story: I thought Mark was around 40 (not having met him) because I knew he’d been doing this for decades. But then I saw the picture at the top of this post and was all, “Oh wow Mark is younger than I thought!” So the bomb sound effect was super approp. Way to have a fountain of youth, Mark. (And sorry to be a creeper who had elaborately thought about what age you are even though I’ve never met you.)

    Here’s the YouTube video explaining the “fingertip flash” which also links to the website that sells the chemicals that let you do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwahlADEt9E

    All in all, great episode. KEEP EM COMIN’, TWIGG!

    • i’m not only a great guest, but a great reviewer! sound effects rule, and if you wanted to know what the G stood for, dearest Robin, all you needed to do was ask. i’m an open book.

      • It’s true, your review was fantastic. I love the sound effects, but I’m worried they’ll get stale! I hope people don’t get bored with the fart, thick and rich as it is.

  2. – “How old are you?” “40.”
    “No you are NOT” ~ thing I just said out loud in my office.

    – I am also a fidgeter. I wish I also had killer hand/eye coordination. Mostly I just end up destroying pieces of paper and my cuticles.

    – please please please let there be an animal comedy show at Arcade someday soon. Please Mark?

    – I understand instagram as a photo service, but not a social media service.

    – Oh man, I want to have a discussion of socioeconomic status and comedy!

    – In my mind, Mark’s title is Director of Holy Shit How Did You Do That?!?!?

    • – LOL @ “pieces of paper and my cuticles.”
      – Oh man, an animal comedy show? I’M THERE.
      – Instagram is definitely different/weird from a social media perspective, I don’t disagree.
      – Your title suggestion is SO much more appropriate!

      • i disagree with you both: Instagram is probably actually fast becoming my new favorite social media platform (which i now can add to the long list of phrases i hate saying). Twitter used to be it, but i like posting a picture and writing a funny comment (well, I find them funny, anyway), and having people respond. it’s the shit.

          • To an extent that is true, but I’ve mde friends on Instagram that I don’t have on Twitter or FB. Also, the use of hashtags on Instagram means strangers can enjoy and comment on my images and I can do the same on theirs. I once pulled up a lighthouse hashtag to look through with my grandpa because they weren’t the perfect pristine images you’d find in a google image search. It’s just a different fun way to post and view images. I feel like I’m on Instagram more than I’m on twitter anymore!

          • i don’t feel like that precludes one from also doing that on instagram. the visual element adds something extra to it, for me. it’s not everyone’s bag, and that’s fine.

  3. You have a dog named Vader?

    I have a ME named Vader!

    It’s on, Hayward!

    Because it’s time! It’s time! It’s VADER TIME!!!

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