Episode 27: Games Edition LIVE at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Add It Up Podcast tackles the topic of games with this special live event at Arcade Comedy Theater, featuring the improv of Valiant & Valiant and live music from The Wreckids!

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00:00 Intro
Listen to me nervously fumble around on stage for what felt like an eternity!

02:38 Valiant & Valiant: Improv sample and live interview!
Live improv doesn’t translate well to audio, so I skipped most of it because if you weren’t there, you don’t deserve to have enjoyed the prowess of Abby Fudor and John Feightner.

I told my own Abby related game story, which involved some visual aids. I’ve included the first for you below, but you’ll have to click the link for the after photo because JOKES.

Here is the BEFORE photo of what’s supposed to be a wine glass:

photo (1)

Now CLICK HERE for the AFTER photo, and brace yourself for what truly became a rare artistic masterpiece.

17:15 Sponsorship (all written by producer Zach Simons!)

17:50 Taboo
What you can’t see is that Abby pretended to shave her face and legs with the Taboo buzzer. THE AUDIENCE LOVED IT GUYS, COME ON.

Zach found an online version of the game that allows for user submissions. Needless to say, it provided a more entertaining experience than we could have ever imagined. Check it out at http://taboogame.net. Friend of the show Eric Donaldson captured the best card of the night:


31:24 The Wreckids: First song and interview!
I’ve allowed but a tiny snippet of their first song just as a teaser. Go buy their new album on iTunes already. And as luck would have it, their interview was just as entertaining as their music!

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 6.21.59 PM

48:30 Facebook Says
The Facebook thread where I requested stories about games went TERRIBLY awry. But don’t worry, I got my revenge.

01:03:30 Celebrity! Sort of.
Dave Ranallo and Sarah of The Wreckids join us for a partial game of Celebrity! Girls vs. Boys. I think you can probably guess how this turned out.

01:19:25 Outro
Thank you to everyone who made this special night possible! Valiant & Valiant! The Wreckids! Arcade Comedy! Mike Rubino! Zach Simons! And my incredible live audience! Can’t wait to do it again!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 27: Games Edition LIVE at Arcade Comedy Theater!

  1. – Potential employers listening should note that Abby Fudor equate addicting, fun, social time with working a job.

    – GGGuuuurrrrrrrllllllsss. It was so much longer than John is doing it, probably because he is kind. And I can’t see it, but I hope he indicated the blank, dead stare than went along with it.

    – I thought Mike was going to guess “Dave Ranallo” for “dislikes everybody.”

    – I wish more people would think about having to read their comment live on stage before they post it to facebook. I feel like there would be fewer stupid comments on facebook.

    – Abby’s voice: “Like…breaking the rules?”

    Great show!

    • When I came up with the idea of having John read his comment live, I patted myself on the back so hard that my right lung collapsed. I knew he would love the attention, so it worked out for all of us!

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