Podcast Episode 28: Start Me Up

Megan Etzel just might be the unofficial queen of start-ups. She gives us a peek inside start-up culture and brags about all the perks none of the rest of us are getting. Then we bask in the Thanksgiving afterglow, delving into a list of things we’re grateful for that are completely superfluous and nonessential. Join us, won’t you?


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04:10 Pod Pourri:
Get all the dirty details of Megan’s love affair with start-ups!
36:47 Facebook Says:
What completely nonessential items are you thankful for?
55:48 Games People Play: 
I should’ve known Megan did her homework…
01:01:06 Outro:
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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 28: Start Me Up

  1. I am so glad this is back and I am so tired that this is getting me through my morning.

    That said, I had to chat Megan to find out if there was a notification sound happening, because Addi’s email “ding” was making me CRAZY. Because I thought it was a notification for MY computer and I could not find the thing that was dinging.

    Yes, Megan, let’s get you a tour. They do, indeed, have a Racer car. And a giant net you can chill in.

    I bet at least a couple of the big tech firms have vets on staff and there is almost certainly a startup or two that caters to pet owners and they might need one.

    Amazon Prime is awesome, but it will make you extraordinarily lazy.

    Addi, I would like you to show me how to use bobby pins. I use them for like fly aways or little strands, but I think generally my hair is too unruly to be shaped in any meaningful way by bobby pins.

    Shrugs. I am grateful for both the clothing items and the gesture.
    “Hey Liz, where’s that little half sweater sleeve thing you were wearing?” ::Shrug:: (I lose things a lot)

    Guinea pig boards will change your life. Don’t hate.

    Oh, oh. Chat-platform customer service. Not having to talk to a human when my cable isn’t working right? Priceless.

    Where *is* your fart, Addi?

    • Yeah, I can’t do anything about that notification sound because my STUPID SOUND EFFECTS APP requires that the notifications are ON in order to work on the iPad (instead of just with normal volume).

      Amazon Prime is the best and worst ever. Speaking of which, I need to finish Christmas shopping…

      Your shrug joke. I love it. (Shocker.)


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