Podcast Episode 26: Girl Talk

Gayle Pazerski Stephenson stopped by for some girl talk and shit got REAL, yo. Eavesdrop on our conversation to find out what we said about you behind your back!


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00:00 Intro
02:57 Pod Pourri
58:46 Facebook Says
01:07:58 Games People Play
01:17:36 Outro

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Podcast Episode 20: Big Gay Episode

The big gay episode with the big gay man! Mike Buzzelli comes by to talk marriage equality and Pride weekend.


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Intro 00:00
If you review me on iTunes (or my podcast page), I’ll read your review on an episode. Promise! And don’t forget to check out our awesome/funny sponsors!

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Pod Pourri 06:38
Mike is a HUMAN BEING FIRST, you guys. Then some combination of gay/writer/comic after that. We explore Mike’s background with comedy and marriage equality, and OF COURSE sing the praises of Pittsburgh’s thriving comedy scene. And you can buy Mike’s book on Amazon!

Games People Play 45:23
Eh, two out of three ain’t bad. Mike makes up for a missed question by schooling me on what I thought was the hardest one!

Outro 56:05
You can find Mike on Twitter (more easily than he can find himself, apparently) and Facebook. To support marriage equality close to home, check out equalitypa.org. You can also find that killer Arcade Comedy Theater Pride lineup on their site, and visit www.pittsburghpride.org for this year’s Pittsburgh Pride events!

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Podcast Episode 9: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

What was your worst job ever? And how about gigs? Yeah man, we’ve all been there. Join me and my guests, comics Eric Donaldson and Derek Minto, as we tell tales of the worst jobs and shows we’ve ever had to perform.

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00:00 Intro
- We reminisce about the grand opening of Arcade Comedy Theater!
- Check out “the yo-yo guy” Mark Hayward. He’s amazing!
- Derek climbed Mount Everest to do this podcast. Ok not really but almost.

05:14  Pod Pourri
- Bad jobs are bad. We hope KFC isn’t listening.
- I nannied. ONCE.
- Enjoy stories from Facebook in our new segment, Facebook Says…
- Bad gigs are bad. And bad comedy gigs are the WORST.
- SINCERE DISCLAIMER: We do not condone the use of the word “retard” as a slur. Please consider the context.
- Comedy gets violent! For Derek, anyway.

57:10 Outro
- These guys are on Twitter! @eonhand@hatersforhire, and @bringstheruckus!
- Derek does his own awesome podcast called Haters for Hire with comics from all around town. Check it out!
- Eric will be at Mullen’s on Carson for the Mitch Hedberg 45th Birthday show on Feb 24! He’ll also eventually be doing a “So Bad It’s Good” live hecklevision at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, so follow them on Facebook for updates!
- Derek does two comedy open mic nights every Tuesday & Thursday at the Smiling Moose and Hambone’s, in case you ever wanted to try comedy!

So tell me, what were your worst jobs and gigs ever?

Best Shit Ever: 2012 Edition

It’s that time of year again when self-important bloggers everywhere make lists of their favorite things from the past year for you to “ooh” and “ahh” about. I’m certainly not above it.

Here’s a collection of things I recommend that I had the pleasure of discovering just this year despite the fact that some of them have been around longer. What can I say? I’ve never been a cool kid.

Cards Against Humanity: A Party Game for Horrible People
When a friend described this game as a filthy version of Apples to Apples, I knew I had to have it. I purchased the official card pack, but they do have a free downloadable version online! Warning: It is not suitable for your kids. Or your parents.

Your Away Message Twitter Parody Account
Sometimes it feels like watching from afar as that sorority girl you sorta knew in college went through an embarrassing public breakup. Other times it’s as if you’re going back through your OWN instant messenger history. Nostalgia-laugh headache!

Fashion to Figure Trendy Clothes for Fatties
I have gotten more compliments on the dresses I’ve purchased here than ANY other store. They have plenty of modern stuff, but I’ve found some great classic dresses that are perfect for work or a night on the town.

British TV series Misfits On Hulu+
The first two seasons of this are some of the best television I’ve ever seen. Described as a sci-fi comedy drama, this shit had me in stitches every episode. The incredible characters are brought to life by a truly talented cast, and the soundtrack is so good I was compelled to create a Spotify playlist for it. Do yourself a favor and add it to that long list of shows you need to watch.

Sephora Bain Dissolvent Express Instant Nail Polish Remover
Small bottle, big difference. It feels smoother, smells nicer, and works better. I now hate using any other kind of polish remover.

Naturally, I’m quite enamored with my own podcast. SHOCKER. But there are so many other good ones out there! I really dig You Had to Be There with Sarah Schaefer and Nikki Glaser and of course RadioLab is always riveting (and no, I don’t care if you don’t count it as a podcast). But my absolute favorite this year has been Professor Blastoff. It’s basically just a bunch of pals shooting the shit with a variety of guests. Sometimes they do bits, sometimes shit gets real, and sometimes they force themselves to fake laugh and it turns into the most beautiful conglomeration of real and fake laughs that the world has ever known. Plus it’s Tig Notaro, and who doesn’t love her?

Aaaaaaand that’s what I’ve been doing with all my time this year. Watching TV, listening to podcasts, and doing my nails. It’s the only way to maintain this killer bod! So tell me, what were your favorite discoveries in 2012?

Down with a Sickness

Dudes and lady dudes. The weather? I am under it.

I always feel slightly delirious when I get sick enough to be couch-ridden. I start contemplating what life will be like as a vegetable, which is kind of ironic because I typically don’t like vegetables and I’m super picky about the ones I eat. I mean, I like raw carrots but not cooked ones, and I like cooked asparagus but I don’t eat it raw. I like broccoli and cauliflower both ways, but now that I say that, it sounds kind of perverted so maybe forget I mentioned it.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, I’ve jotted down some of my thoughts over the last few days of misery. And by misery I mean slowly burying myself in an avalanche of tissues and despair.

  • Bathing is overrated! I hardly miss it.
  • What’s that smell?
  • If I could just relieve this congestion, I’d feel so much better!
  • If I could just stop my nose from running, I’d feel so much better!
  • If I could just get rid of this cough, I’d feel so much better!
  • If I could just get a complete respiratory system transplant but without having to have any actual surgery and just skip that whole part about taking drugs so that my body doesn’t reject it, I’d feel so much better!
  • Ahhhh, a little steam on my face feels really OH GOD MY NOSTRILS ARE SEARED
  • I bet seared nostrils are considered a delicacy somewhere in the world.

Know what? That’s probably enough for now. I should get back to my Mucinetflix.

Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi! Episode 1: Hello, I Love You

Happy first anniversary, Add It Up! My very first blog post was published on September 30, 2011. Thank you for still being here with me, one year later. You guys are the best.

As an anniversary gift to myself, I am delivering roughly 20 minutes of podcasty goodness with friend and comic Eric Donaldson right on up into your ears! And just FYI, this is probs not suitable for the kids due to language and certain content. You do know me, right?

- First podcast! We’re #1!

01:38 Pod Pourri
Space instruments! Omnichords and Qchords are for cool kids.
Why am I podcasting a’TALL? (Hitchdied gets a mention!)
- The moment we start talking politics, GarageBand shits the bed. AWKWARD.

07:05 If I Were You
- Hey, Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Memes? STOP IT.
- Visit www.breastcancer.org AND www.womenheart.org, you dopes.
- Ladies, are you wiping properly?
- I make Eric uncomfortable by forcing him to improvise advice songs, which leads to us ending on a morbid note. WORTH IT.

20:12 Outro
- I play the outro music too soon. Rookie bullshit!
- Catch Eric at FNI on Friday, October 5! Also: tumblr and twitter!
- See Bait & Switch at FN’Improv on Friday, September 28!

I need to become more comfortable with silence. It is WAY better than hearing “um” and “soooo” a gazillionty times. I AM SO SORRY.  I really do love you all. Hope you’re willing to listen next time, rookie bullshit and all!

Holler at me if you’d like to be a guest in the future, or if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss. I’m also accepting scenarios in which I can provide unwanted advice to someone. I recommend taking screenshots of terrible Facebook posts.


Some Beauty Really Is Skin Deep

“Enjoy your facial, you pervert!”

These were the words of my husband, Joe, as I walked out the door to get my first professional facial and massage.  Gawd, I love that man. And I’ll have him know I did enjoy it. A lot. I was not so fond of the part where the girl takes a magnifying glass and analyzes the sh*t outta your complexion, though. That’s about as relaxing as a pap smear.

But something magical happened that day. She asked about my skincare routine and then told me I had beautiful skin and I shouldn’t change a thing. Sorry, come again? Am I actually doing something healthy for my body? SOMEONE THROW ME AN EM-EFFING PARADE.

Not exactly what I had in mind. And yeah, you totally look boyish, Scarlett. EYEROLL.

What follows is my facial skincare routine, and I promise you it is not perverse in the least, despite what my husband says. I have combination/oily skin, so obviously this routine won’t work for everyone.

1. Have good genes. I am not kidding. I totally believe that my good genes are partly responsible for my good skin. Not everyone is so lucky. I just wanted to brag about acknowledge this before we move on. (Thanks, Mom!)

2. Exfoliate (in shower): I use Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub ($4.29 at Ulta) once or twice a week in the shower. I mostly need it on my chin, forehead, and the creases below either side of my nose to get rid of flakey skin. You don’t need much, so it lasts a long time. It smells like delicious mint, so it’s like brushing your teeth except on your FACE.

3. Moisturize (after shower): I use either Oil of Olay (~$7 on Amazon) or a generic equivalent. Giant Eagle has a TopCare version and you can also find Equate at Walmart for $5.47 or in drugstores. I like this because it doesn’t feel too heavy but it gets the job done. One bottle can go a long way depending on how much you use daily.

4. Cleanse (before bed). This is the last step for me because I do it at bedtime. I use Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes (25 pack for $4.97 on Amazon). It’s mostly to remove makup, but I usually give my whole ugly mug a once-over for good measure. Since these last less than a month when you use them daily, I try to buy in bulk on Amazon.

Bonus Tip! The woman who did my facial said it’s better for your skin if you sleep on your back. It lets oxygen get to your pores and keeps your face from smooshing around in your dirty pillow all night long (that’s singular dirty pillow, not plural).

So, what products do you love to use on your face? Comment, GO!