Podcast Episode 21: On TV

Zach Simons has a theory that we consume TV the way previous generations consumed literature. Tune in (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) to hear more about his crazy theory and our favorite TV shows ever. We’ll try to avoid spoilers!


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Intro 00:00
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Pod Pourri 05:52
Admit it: TV is awesome. And is it me, or is it just getting better and better? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon… watch out, cable. We’re coming for you.

Facebook Says 46:48
You guys love TV, too! SHOCKER. What are your favorite shows EVARRR? Impossible to answer, but that didn’t stop y’all from trying.

Games People Play 01:02:06
Questions based on the forty-some Facebook Says responses we got! Zach didn’t even know what hit him.

Outro 01:06:28
Zach is on Twitter! And you should check out Writing On the Floor, which premieres live podcasting at Arcade THIS THURSDAY, June 27 at 8pm. Rick Sebak, Derek Minto, Tim Ross, New Victorians! AND BEER! ALL FOR JUST $5!

I also want to plug the Always Gilda show happening at Arcade on Friday, June 28 with an incredible all-female lineup! All proceeds benefit Gilda’s Club of Western PA!

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