Podcast Episode 11: Why the Long Facebook

Ahh, The Facebook. We all love to hate it. Could we be more specific? Of course! John Hancock’s boredom and desperate need for attention have driven him to dream up projects to do on good ol’ FB. One could even say it has consumed him to a point. From the rules of unfriending to Facebook codependency, John gives us a glimpse inside his torrid love affair with the social network.


Intro 00:00
– John and I have only been around each other in person once or twice. I know him more through FB than real life.
– He DJed for the first time in 10 years this weekend!
– Check out our sponsors, Arcade Comedy Theater!

Pod Pourri 07:21
– Attempts at Facebook projects (tagging every single friend in a post, in a photo, etc.)
– Guidelines for “unfriending”:

  1. Does Person A make actual interesting posts?
  2. Does Person A show interest in my posts?
  3. Is Person A related to me?
  4. Have I seen Person A naked?
  5. Will I feel guilty if I unfriend Person A?
  6. Has Person A ever saved my life?
  7. Is there any chance that I will want to invite Person A to an event?
  8. Is Person A actually my friend?
  9. Is Person A an actual human being and at least 16 years of age?
  10. Does Person A respond desperately to the threat of being unfriended?

– Is it “Facebook” or “THE Facebook”?
– FACEBOOK SAYS: what we love and hate about the ‘book.
– John’s baby is THE cutest baby. Sorry, other babies!

– Also, example of one of the photos Devany posted of her son, who looks like singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran (and is also WAY UP THERE on the cuteness scale!): 551368_10151430487521475_1396427009_n

– Nicknames! What did your parents call you growing up?
– Non-Facebook project: photographing your whole life and posting it to the web FOR THREE MONTHS.

Games People Play 54:48
– Fuck Facebook games.
– Quick Wit is a game John PROMISED we would play but he forgot to bring the cards, so… we improvised. Poorly.

Outro 01:05
– Thanks for playing, John! Please start your own podcast.
– John hates Twitter but he can be found there as @Hancock309, regardless. Also, anyone who friends him on Facebook as a result of this podcast, he will accept.
– General reminder that Arcade Comedy Theater is jumpin’ and you should get on that shit! The hilarious duo Truth in Advertising will be there this Friday, March 29!

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