What’s in My Bag, Baby?

My pal Robin over at HitchDied recently made a “What’s in my bag” post after a fellow blogger did the same, so I decided to carry the torch. I will be delighted if more of the other bloggers I know keep it going…

I got this bag a couple years ago at Lane Bryant. Yup, the store for fat chicks. It’s surprisingly durable. The straps show zero sign of wear & tear despite occasionally having my work laptop AND a pair of shoes crammed into this baby. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Watch out for sharp objects!

I tried neatly dumping it out, but it ended up in a big ol’ pile so I organized everything into groupings. Also, I’m lazy and didn’t want to number each item individually. Points for honesty?

Group A: My Face
Before you judge me for being shallow and carrying ALL of the makeup with me, I’ll have you know that it’s partly mostly completely for running-late-in-the-morning-before-work reasons. So there you go, I’m not shallow! I’m irresponsible/lazy.

Items from top to bottom:
– Revlon hand mirror
– Covergirl lipstick (Spellbound) & Tarte lipgloss (Apple a Day)
– Maybeline Dream Mousse blush #10 (Pink Frosting)
– Black liquid eyeliner (with the label completely rubbed off)
– Benefit mini mascara (Bad Gal Lash)
– Tarte tinted moisturizer (Smooth Operator #00)

Group B: Umbrella-ella-ella
My umbrella gets its own category for one simple reason: I. Hate. Getting. Wet. Well, unexpectedly, anyway. Showers don’t bother me. Come on, I’m not a freak! Just a weirdo who has a little OCD about carrying an umbrella EVERYwhere. Aaaaaaaand now you know how to torture me.

Group C: High Maintenance Hoopla
Alright, this is the part where you get to call me shallow. From left to right:

– Dry shampoo to refresh end-of-day oily hair & add volume (Rockaholic: Dirty Secret)
– Hairspray for my unruly bangs
– Hollywood Fashion Tape to prevent wardrobe malfunctions
– Hand lotion because the soap at work turns my hands to DUST
– Inhaler and Kleenex because I am a snotty, allergy-laden b*tch.
– Lil’ pouch containing nail clippers and tweezers
– Beeman’s gum & Yelp! mints
– Daily pill box I got for free and actually use because I have a condition called PCOS which is regulated by three different pills multiple times a day, one of which is birth control and none of which is aspirin between my knees.

Group D: Scrilla
Did you know “scrilla” is slang for money? Oh, you did? So I’m the only person on earth who just learned that in the last 6 months?

– The black & white item is my Merona clutch wallet from Target. I swear by them because they are compact, practical, and sorta chic.
– The green item containing photos is a checkbook cover Mom gave me. I strongly believe check-writing should be obsolete by now (IT IS 2012), but I also strongly believe that my mom is f*ckin’ adorable. And sadly, I do have to write the occasional check. Barf.

Group E: Stuff I Put On My Head
Philips headphones. I actually keep these in a sunglasses case in my bag to prevent damage/tangling with the rest of my junk.
– Black headband with black feather flower (the flower is removable — you can get a variety of interchangeable colors/patterns at JoAnn Fabs). I don’t carry this with me all the time, I just happened to wear it yesterday and toss it into my bag at the end of the night because it was hurting my fat head.

Group F
Keys, duh.

So there you have it. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my phone is not pictured because I typically keep it in a pocket. Or, if I’m being really honest, in my hand.

So, what’s in YOUR bag?