Podcast Episode 10: WrestleManiacs

I don’t know about you, but I have never understood the love of pro wrestling. As luck would have it, a TON of my friends are long-time fans, and two of them graciously agreed to come on the show and win me over.

Meet Erik Truby and Dave Ranallo. Pro wrestling has never been so dorky.


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Intro 00:00
– This episode is brought to you by our new sponsor, Arcade Comedy Theater! As my listeners, you can STILL use the early bird special price on their Improv One class! Leave me a comment if you’re interested!
– Also, please check out I Love Lard, where I’m now included on a list of women podcasters!
– My guests are Dave Ranallo and Erik Truby, wrestling fans extraordinaire! One of whom showed up late for this session because he completely failed to adhere to Daylight Savings Time.

Pod Pourri 08:17
– New jingle! I dunno. It’s alright. NOW LET’S GET ON WITH IT.
– These two wrestling fans don’t like wrestling fans. Can someone work up a Venn Diagram of that for me? Kthx.
– Women as eye candy, hypermasculinity, gay characters, celebrity appearances, steroids scandals… wrestling is complex, y’all.
– Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dorkier, Dave shares that his undergrad thesis was about pro wrestling.
– You guys. What is this feeling? I think I want to watch this year’s Wrestlemania.

Games People Play 54:33
– You’ve gotten involved in pro wrestling. What’s your name, costume, and schtick?

Outro 59:40
РDave represents @spinstercomedy and can regularly be found in the tech booth at Arcade Comedy Theater.
– Truby selflessly plugged the doctor who cured baby AIDS.

Thanks for joining us, everyone! If you’re a fan of this sport, leave me a comment and tell me AAAAALLLLLLLLL about it!