MiscellAddious: The Musical

Oh heyyyyyyyyy how are you? How about this weather we’re having? How’s your mom? How about my pathetic stalling tactics?

I’m sorry I neglected you AGAIN. I’ve been busy, honest. Ohhhhh, you’re busy too, huh? So you’re raising two kids, working full time, and running a charity? BIG WHOOP. Get back to me when you’ve eaten half a bowl of cookie dough and caught up on New Girl. Pssshhhhaw.

Arcade Comedy
On Friday night, the new Arcade Comedy Theater downtown opened its doors for the first time to the Cultural District Gallery Crawl. My husband and I, acting as comedy troupe Frankly Scarlett’s house band The Give-a-Damns, performed a couple of arcade themed covers (“Pinball Wizard” for example) and just generally wooed the crowds with our charm and talent.

Arcade has asked me to act as a musical talent and booking agent of sorts, so if you know a funny or unusual musical act in the area (or if you ARE one), please get in touch with me!

This year, Camelia Road was asked to collaborate on SWAN’s closing number with fellow Pittsburgh artists Emay and Continuum Dance Theater. Ive always written my music alone and with my own methods, so collaborating with another musician in the writing stage has caused me some… uh… insecurity.

Oh, you want me to expose my vulnerability to others? BRB.

Yet Another Music Project
Sometimes I think I’m involved in plenty of musical endeavors and even just one more thing would break the singing camel’s back. Then someone starts talking me up about a new idea and I decide that it can’t POSSIBLY be a bad idea to get involved in more creative things because yay music! It’s kind of like that whole “God never gives us more than we can handle” saying, except in this scenario I guess I’m God? And I have to decide how much is too much for myself to handle, and I still haven’t resolved that rock-so-big-even-I-can’t-lift-it thing so how can I possibly be expected to figure this one out?

Ohhhhhhhhh, NOW it makes sense.  

I’m sorry if this post proved disappointing because the title had you expecting a musical. Imagine how ambitious it would be to actually write one of those! That’s so much work1!

So what are YOUR excuses for not posting on your blog more often? Tell me all about it in the comments!

1Okay, yes, at some point I agreed to write a musical with a local theater company. Don’t look at me like that! The timeline is open-ended!

MiscellAddious: Summer Slump Edition

Well howdy, y’all. Let’s get personal.

- Had an a cappella gig last night, outdoors at the Green Tree farmer’s market. The weather was perfect, the crowd was lovely, and the group was relaxed and we had a great time. We even debuted “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers and no one passed out from a lack of breath or anything!

- What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think mid-August? Lemme guess: Christmas, right? I KNEW IT! Well you’re in luck, because the rest of the Friendly Beasts and I are working on our next Christmas album as we speak. The only problem is you have to wait until December for it. I know, I know, you’ll already be gearing up for Valentine’s Day then! But I have a feeling this one’ll be another doozy. Hold on to your Santa hats!

- Camelia Road has an event coming up Sunday, August 26 called the Spa 54 Parking Lot Party. We’ll be playing for about 90 minutes starting at noon. Come check out the vendors and grab some food to the sweet sounds of our harmonic voices, yo.

- I don’t look very sporty. If I were the 6th Spice Girl, I’d be called “Portly Spice.” I can’t jump and I don’t run, but you know what? I’m good at volleyball. I have a mean overhand serve and I know how to make a steady pass. I used to play intramural ball in college and even played in a league in Pittsburgh a couple years ago, but I can no longer commit to the weekly schedule that league requires. So what’s a girl to do? Join Meetup.com and immediately find a league to start playing in casually? Don’t mind if I do!

Meetup.com: It’s not just for sexytimes anymore! (Feel free to use that tagline, guys.)

- Keep those questions/topics coming for the podcast! That I might do someday! When I have time! Maybe I should just call it the Potential Podcast. For rill.


The Bloggess uses Shit I Did When I Wasn’t Here for her weekly wrap-up. That’s Church uses Random n’at (on which a photo from my wedding was recently featured, by the way) to include otherwise unrelated topics in the same post. Jive Turkey created a Cheers and Jeers feature to summarize her life in list form. And this bitch LOVES lists.

This is the first time I’ve had the need for a similar gimmick. I want to post an update, but none of my anecdotal or fashion posts are ready for the world. So I’d like to introduce you to my new feature:

I know. I’m sorry. PLEASE DON’T GO. The power of puns compels me.

- One of my music projects, Camelia Road, has its first “big” gig on April 26. We have only ever played 2-3 song sets in the past (for variety shows). This gig requires two 45-minute sets, and while we’re both nervous, we also couldn’t be more excited. We are the entertainment (read: background noise) during cocktails and dessert for Women In Film & Media’s Opal Awards. Barbara Feldon (Agent 99!) is the guest speaker, and the wife of the drummer from Rusted Root is supposed to be there, so at this point I’m certain we’ll be totally famous soon and you’ll be able to purchase our debut album with bonus “Behind the Music” DVD sometime this summer. Probably?

- Have you visited the recently launched Act Classy yet? It’s worth it for the Mike deGrasse Tyson meme alone.

-  The NEXT Frankly Scarlett Comedy Hour occurs the Saturday following the Camelia Road gig, April 28, because I have a full time day job AND enough masochistic tendencies to agree to two major commitments within 48 hours of each other. But don’t worry, my only responsibility for Frankly Scarlett is the music and DEAR LORD WHAT HAVE I DONE.

- Srsly, WUT.

- So, 90s Night happened. It was a delightful mix of music, dancing, and people that outweighed the fact that Pittsburgh is still too stupid/stubborn/ass-backwards to completely ban smoking in bars. It wasn’t without weirdness, though. We had formed a circle for dancing and tossed our purses/coats into a pile in the middle of the floor when suddenly, a random dude doing the worm worked his way into the circle, wormed OVER our shrine of belongings, and kept on wormin’ out the other side. Too bad, because I had just taken that machete out of my bag earlier in the day.

- Fallingwater. Last Friday. With two fair ladies. Eff yeah.

So, what have you been up to?