Episode 27: Games Edition LIVE at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Add It Up Podcast tackles the topic of games with this special live event at Arcade Comedy Theater, featuring the improv of Valiant & Valiant and live music from The Wreckids!

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00:00 Intro
Listen to me nervously fumble around on stage for what felt like an eternity!

02:38 Valiant & Valiant: Improv sample and live interview!
Live improv doesn’t translate well to audio, so I skipped most of it because if you weren’t there, you don’t deserve to have enjoyed the prowess of Abby Fudor and John Feightner.

I told my own Abby related game story, which involved some visual aids. I’ve included the first for you below, but you’ll have to click the link for the after photo because JOKES.

Here is the BEFORE photo of what’s supposed to be a wine glass:

photo (1)

Now CLICK HERE for the AFTER photo, and brace yourself for what truly became a rare artistic masterpiece.

17:15 Sponsorship (all written by producer Zach Simons!)

17:50 Taboo
What you can’t see is that Abby pretended to shave her face and legs with the Taboo buzzer. THE AUDIENCE LOVED IT GUYS, COME ON.

Zach found an online version of the game that allows for user submissions. Needless to say, it provided a more entertaining experience than we could have ever imagined. Check it out at http://taboogame.net. Friend of the show Eric Donaldson captured the best card of the night:


31:24 The Wreckids: First song and interview!
I’ve allowed but a tiny snippet of their first song just as a teaser. Go buy their new album on iTunes already. And as luck would have it, their interview was just as entertaining as their music!

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 6.21.59 PM

48:30 Facebook Says
The Facebook thread where I requested stories about games went TERRIBLY awry. But don’t worry, I got my revenge.

01:03:30 Celebrity! Sort of.
Dave Ranallo and Sarah of The Wreckids join us for a partial game of Celebrity! Girls vs. Boys. I think you can probably guess how this turned out.

01:19:25 Outro
Thank you to everyone who made this special night possible! Valiant & Valiant! The Wreckids! Arcade Comedy! Mike Rubino! Zach Simons! And my incredible live audience! Can’t wait to do it again!

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Episode 25: Bully for You

Josh Verbanets & Gab Bonesso have joined comical and musical forces to bring a fresh anti-bullying message to kids and adults all over Pittsburgh and nationwide. We chat about the inspiration behind their programming and have a few laughs along the way.


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If you review me on iTunes (or my podcast page), I’ll read your review on an episode. Promise! And don’t forget to check out our awesome/funny sponsors!

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00:00 Intro
03:22 Pod Pourri
26:35 Facebook Says
38:58 Games People Play
57:33 Outro

Josh & Gab have a lot of upcoming events, so check out www.joshandgab.com, their Facebook, and their Twitter to stay in the know! They’re also doing a free show at the Galleria Mall in Mt. Lebanon around 10 or 11am, which is a great opportunity to scope them out!

Josh will also be hosting Club Cafe’s AcoustiCafe open mic from 7-11pm on Monday, September 9, so get in line now!

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Podcast Episode 22: Couch Surfing with Paul Tab

Musician and funny guy Paul Tabachneck crashed at our place on his way through Pittsburgh, so we figured house guests and couch surfing would make for a suitably awkward topic. Also, he drinks A LOT of water:


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Intro 00:00
If you review me on iTunes (or my podcast page), I’ll read your review on an episode. Promise! And don’t forget to check out our awesome/funny sponsors!

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Pod Pourri 07:52
Paul’s been everywhere, man. He knows a lot about what do to — and what not to do — when you’re a guest in someone’s home. Sometimes he found it out the hard way…

Facebook Says 47:30
Once again, you’ve all proven yourselves to be a bunch of beautiful weirdos. Also? I love poop stories.

Games People Play 59:42
More of my shitty homemade trivia! Yay!

Outro 01:03:00
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Podcast Episode 18: Karaoke Junkies

Two singers and a DJ explore the strange and often hilarious entertainment phenomenon that is karaoke.


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Intro 00:00
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arcadelogo  Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 6.32.35 PM

Pod Pourri 08:28
Eric and I recount our most favorite karaoke tales. Moats airs out all his dirty karaoke laundry. By the way, check out Bev n Bob music. You’ll thank us.

Facebook Says 57:33
I would love nothing more than to do karaoke with you all. Moats suggests there’s a bell curve when it comes to drinking and karaoke. Let’s test that theory!

Outro 01:04:39
Moats is appearing in Taming of the Shrew on June 1-9 for Shakespeare in South Park. Eric is performing at Arcade on June 7 at 8pm and 10pm. Find these guys on Twitter too, at @eonhand and @seemyplay.

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Podcast Episode 9: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough

What was your worst job ever? And how about gigs? Yeah man, we’ve all been there. Join me and my guests, comics Eric Donaldson and Derek Minto, as we tell tales of the worst jobs and shows we’ve ever had to perform.

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00:00 Intro
- We reminisce about the grand opening of Arcade Comedy Theater!
- Check out “the yo-yo guy” Mark Hayward. He’s amazing!
- Derek climbed Mount Everest to do this podcast. Ok not really but almost.

05:14  Pod Pourri
- Bad jobs are bad. We hope KFC isn’t listening.
- I nannied. ONCE.
- Enjoy stories from Facebook in our new segment, Facebook Says…
- Bad gigs are bad. And bad comedy gigs are the WORST.
- SINCERE DISCLAIMER: We do not condone the use of the word “retard” as a slur. Please consider the context.
- Comedy gets violent! For Derek, anyway.

57:10 Outro
- These guys are on Twitter! @eonhand@hatersforhire, and @bringstheruckus!
- Derek does his own awesome podcast called Haters for Hire with comics from all around town. Check it out!
- Eric will be at Mullen’s on Carson for the Mitch Hedberg 45th Birthday show on Feb 24! He’ll also eventually be doing a “So Bad It’s Good” live hecklevision at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, so follow them on Facebook for updates!
- Derek does two comedy open mic nights every Tuesday & Thursday at the Smiling Moose and Hambone’s, in case you ever wanted to try comedy!

So tell me, what were your worst jobs and gigs ever?

Podcast Episode 8: Don’t Fear Le Reaper

Are you afraid of death? My old friend Doug Marshall asked that question of me recently, so we saved the discussion for the podcast. Doug’s PhD thesis addressed this very topic, trying to understand how we find meaning in life and death through the tradition of the New Orleans jazz funeral.

This may be a heavy topic, but true to form, we definitely got plenty of jokes in there. This topic fascinates me in general, so I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

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00:00 Intro
- Meet Doug, a church camp friend of mine from TWENTY YEARS ago. Gross.
- Doug gives a little background on the topic and his personal experience with it.

04:36 Pod Pourri
- Learn why Doug selected this topic for his dissertation (SPOILER: it’s the music).
- What exactly is a jazz funeral?
- Doug mentions a New Orleans jazz album by Hugh Laurie (yes, THAT Hugh Laurie), which you can find on Spotify.
- I share some responses I got from Facebook friends when I posed the question, “Do you fear death?” Some of them surprised me…
- Doug and I get into some “would you rather” hypotheticals about dying and SHIT. GETS. REAL.

49:38 If I Were You
- Doug tells you where to go if you visit New Orleans!
- He then explains how even YOU can confront your fear of death for only $19.99 if you act now!
- I stump him with the “what song(s) would be played at your jazz funeral” question, but he has PLENTY of answers for what to play at mine…

53:48 Outro
- Doug can be found on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @DJMuddy.
- Post-podcast, he shared some of his favorite New Orleans brass music with me. You should check it out on Spotify:
Magnificent Sevenths – Authentic New Orleans Jazz Funeral
Rebirth Brass Band 

Thanks for tackling this taboo subject with us, everyone! I hope we entertained/offended you all equally.

MiscellAddious: The Musical

Oh heyyyyyyyyy how are you? How about this weather we’re having? How’s your mom? How about my pathetic stalling tactics?

I’m sorry I neglected you AGAIN. I’ve been busy, honest. Ohhhhh, you’re busy too, huh? So you’re raising two kids, working full time, and running a charity? BIG WHOOP. Get back to me when you’ve eaten half a bowl of cookie dough and caught up on New Girl. Pssshhhhaw.

Arcade Comedy
On Friday night, the new Arcade Comedy Theater downtown opened its doors for the first time to the Cultural District Gallery Crawl. My husband and I, acting as comedy troupe Frankly Scarlett’s house band The Give-a-Damns, performed a couple of arcade themed covers (“Pinball Wizard” for example) and just generally wooed the crowds with our charm and talent.

Arcade has asked me to act as a musical talent and booking agent of sorts, so if you know a funny or unusual musical act in the area (or if you ARE one), please get in touch with me!

This year, Camelia Road was asked to collaborate on SWAN’s closing number with fellow Pittsburgh artists Emay and Continuum Dance Theater. Ive always written my music alone and with my own methods, so collaborating with another musician in the writing stage has caused me some… uh… insecurity.

Oh, you want me to expose my vulnerability to others? BRB.

Yet Another Music Project
Sometimes I think I’m involved in plenty of musical endeavors and even just one more thing would break the singing camel’s back. Then someone starts talking me up about a new idea and I decide that it can’t POSSIBLY be a bad idea to get involved in more creative things because yay music! It’s kind of like that whole “God never gives us more than we can handle” saying, except in this scenario I guess I’m God? And I have to decide how much is too much for myself to handle, and I still haven’t resolved that rock-so-big-even-I-can’t-lift-it thing so how can I possibly be expected to figure this one out?

Ohhhhhhhhh, NOW it makes sense.  

I’m sorry if this post proved disappointing because the title had you expecting a musical. Imagine how ambitious it would be to actually write one of those! That’s so much work1!

So what are YOUR excuses for not posting on your blog more often? Tell me all about it in the comments!

1Okay, yes, at some point I agreed to write a musical with a local theater company. Don’t look at me like that! The timeline is open-ended!

Best Shit Ever: 2012 Edition

It’s that time of year again when self-important bloggers everywhere make lists of their favorite things from the past year for you to “ooh” and “ahh” about. I’m certainly not above it.

Here’s a collection of things I recommend that I had the pleasure of discovering just this year despite the fact that some of them have been around longer. What can I say? I’ve never been a cool kid.

Cards Against Humanity: A Party Game for Horrible People
When a friend described this game as a filthy version of Apples to Apples, I knew I had to have it. I purchased the official card pack, but they do have a free downloadable version online! Warning: It is not suitable for your kids. Or your parents.

Your Away Message Twitter Parody Account
Sometimes it feels like watching from afar as that sorority girl you sorta knew in college went through an embarrassing public breakup. Other times it’s as if you’re going back through your OWN instant messenger history. Nostalgia-laugh headache!

Fashion to Figure Trendy Clothes for Fatties
I have gotten more compliments on the dresses I’ve purchased here than ANY other store. They have plenty of modern stuff, but I’ve found some great classic dresses that are perfect for work or a night on the town.

British TV series Misfits On Hulu+
The first two seasons of this are some of the best television I’ve ever seen. Described as a sci-fi comedy drama, this shit had me in stitches every episode. The incredible characters are brought to life by a truly talented cast, and the soundtrack is so good I was compelled to create a Spotify playlist for it. Do yourself a favor and add it to that long list of shows you need to watch.

Sephora Bain Dissolvent Express Instant Nail Polish Remover
Small bottle, big difference. It feels smoother, smells nicer, and works better. I now hate using any other kind of polish remover.

Naturally, I’m quite enamored with my own podcast. SHOCKER. But there are so many other good ones out there! I really dig You Had to Be There with Sarah Schaefer and Nikki Glaser and of course RadioLab is always riveting (and no, I don’t care if you don’t count it as a podcast). But my absolute favorite this year has been Professor Blastoff. It’s basically just a bunch of pals shooting the shit with a variety of guests. Sometimes they do bits, sometimes shit gets real, and sometimes they force themselves to fake laugh and it turns into the most beautiful conglomeration of real and fake laughs that the world has ever known. Plus it’s Tig Notaro, and who doesn’t love her?

Aaaaaaand that’s what I’ve been doing with all my time this year. Watching TV, listening to podcasts, and doing my nails. It’s the only way to maintain this killer bod! So tell me, what were your favorite discoveries in 2012?

Podcast Episode 6: 48 Hour Film Frenzy

I’m back! And this time I worked my equipment correctly! Mostly!

My guest this round is Kahmeela Adams-Friedson, movie buff, producer, and all around delight. Officially.

Click here if you prefer to listen on iTunes.

02:46 Pod Pourri
- What the eff is a 48 Hour Film Project?
- There’s a 48 Hour MUSIC VIDEO Project WHAAAAAT?
- The Hollywood Theater in Dormont. You guys? GO THERE.

28:02 If I Were You
- 48 Hour Film Project advice!
- We recommend “worst movies ever” for you to see! Some of which we love without irony!

48:43 Games People Play
- Personality test based on your top ten movies! See for yourself at cinescopes.com
- The results are…. questionable? But entertaining, no less.

57:56 Outro
- You can find Kahmeela on Tumblr or Twitter!
- Don’t forget to check out 48hourfilm.com/pittsburgh, too!
- Kahmeela mentioned a very cool project called Write to Rebuild, which is a competition for original screenwriters to submit stories about natural disasters. The winner will be produced as a short film with Theo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy in the lead role! Visit w2r.org for more details.
- Her actual job is with MCG Jazz, which seems to have some sweet shows coming up so pop over to their calendar for more info.
Thanks for adding it up with us!