Podcast Episode 15: The Self-Proclaimed Cool Guy

Mark Hayward is a world champion yo-yoer, juggler, and self-proclaimed cool guy. From Pittsburgh’s Arcade Theater all the way to the Late Show with David Letterman, Mark brings us stories about the ups and downs of a professional variety performer.


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Intro 00:00
Mark and I are new friends thanks to Arcade Comedy, and they’re one of our sponsors so check them out! Act Classy is another new sponsor. Hilarious site, and they also have a podcast! By the way, don’t forget you can get Add It Up Podcast extras on our facebook page!

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Pod Pourri 09:29
Mark tells us how he became a pro, what his best and worst gigs have been like, and something something math and yo-yos? We also sing the praises of his partner in crime, Jonathan Burns, and comic magicians Michael Kent and Lee Terbosic.

Facebook Says 53:35
I ask, Facebook delivers. Stupid stunts! Vague card tricks! School picture day?

Games People Play 59:07
More homespun trivia! I quiz Mark on Fireside Chats, yo-yos, and even himself. He at least gets one right…

Outro 01:04:28
Mark can be found on MarkHayward.netfacebook.com/markhaywardisawesome, and @markhayward on Twitter. I lost track of his web presence after that. Mark and Jonathan‘s next Fireside Chat is May 17 at Arcade Comedy Theater!

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