Podcast Minisode 3: Hawk the Vote

I mostly try to keep my political opinions off of the site. They belong on Facebook, amongst my musings about pooping at work! But this time I can’t help myself, because it’s the very first time that I’ll be voting in a presidential election, and by gum, I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Listen on iTunes if you prefer.

Look, no frontin’ — we are a couple of bleeding heart liberal juggernauts, but my guest¬†Robin Hitchcock is a patriot and lover of all things presidential, historical, and American, so she’s a treat to listen to if you can put up with the liberal bias.

The quiz I reference in this minisode can be found at isidewith.com. The questions are weighted so that you can emphasize the issues that are most important to you.

Happy Voting or Not Voting, whatever’s your bag!