The Very Heart of It: New York

Visiting my friend Christine (“Nang”) in NYC is like going on a VIP trip with highly personalized swag bags. As if it weren’t enough to let me tag along behind the scenes at SNL where she is a staff writer, she tends to unload makeup and jewelry on me like I’m some sort of girly charity case. It’s a burden I’m willing to bear, folks.

While I go alphabetize my new eyeshadow collection, you can read the highlights of my most recent trip to visit the best hostess in The Big Apple. Enjoy!

I had been in New York City for less than 24 hours when, as I walked down Broadway, the New Yorkiest middle-aged white dude with the New Yorkiest accent said, “Now that’s a big booty… and I like a big booty.” Thank you for making me feel like one of your very own, New York.

Nang had to go to work Saturday, so I occupied myself until it was time to meet her for the show. As fate would have it, one Miss Megan Etzel was free to meet me for dinner. We binged on appetizers and gossip, then joined Nang for SNL dress rehearsal. Megan was a delightful dinner date. She didn’t even try to feel me up (this time)!

Nang and I chose this particular weekend for my visit because Jason Segel was hosting with musical guest Florence + the Machine. She is no less than a powerhouse. Her costume change was badass. She is larger than life.

The Muppets joined Segel for the monologue, and Kermit made an appearance later on Weekend Update. I didn’t get to meet any Muppets myself, but just seeing them all come out on stage with Segel brought an actual tear to my eye. What am I, my mother? I’m just so happy they’re back!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. This was my third visit, and the stars in my eyes are just as bright as they were the first time. Seeing celebrities up close is fascinating to me. I’m sure it’s all pretty normal to Nang by now, but I’m not sure I would ever get used to it. I respect what she does and feel pretty lucky that she shares that part of her life with me. I suppose it takes a certain amount of faith on her part that I won’t do anything rude or obnoxious (like blog about it?). I would never walk up to a celebrity to ask for an autograph or photo, but on the inside I am giddy and practically peeing myself. I may or may not have ogled the hell out of NPH at the afterparty.

Actually, I need to correct myself. There is one person whose photo was an absolute must to make the trip complete.  I don’t really need her autograph because knowing her, she left a handful of old credit card receipts in my guest room last time she was here.

Thanks for everything, Nangers. You helped melt away my little town blues for the weekend. Now it’s your turn to visit me. ♥