Podcast Episode 18: Karaoke Junkies

Two singers and a DJ explore the strange and often hilarious entertainment phenomenon that is karaoke.


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Intro 00:00
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Pod Pourri 08:28
Eric and I recount our most favorite karaoke tales. Moats airs out all his dirty karaoke laundry. By the way, check out Bev n Bob music. You’ll thank us.

Facebook Says 57:33
I would love nothing more than to do karaoke with you all. Moats suggests there’s a bell curve when it comes to drinking and karaoke. Let’s test that theory!

Outro 01:04:39
Moats is appearing in Taming of the Shrew on June 1-9 for Shakespeare in South Park. Eric is performing at Arcade on June 7 at 8pm and 10pm. Find these guys on Twitter too, at @eonhand and @seemyplay.

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Podcast Episode 14: Prohibitchin’

A drunk, an ex straight edge kid, and a teetotaler walk into a bar. Except it’s not a bar, it’s my basement studio, and we end up recording a whole podcast together. Do you have regrets from drinking and wish you could cut back? Or do you abstain because of your prudish upbringing? You can be a barfly on the wall for the entire conversation.


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Intro 00:00
- Doug is back! Milton is new!
- Thanks for the better title, Newt! I also loved “The Bourne Identiteetotal.”
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Pod Pourri 04:23
- Doug talks drinking, Milton talks straight edge, and I admit to being a goody-goody.

Facebook Says 53:42
- New absurd jingle! I mean, really.
- I asked and you delivered, Facebook. Rug-burned boobs are a thing.

Games People Play 57:24
- Straight edge and teetotaling trivia! Which I completely made up!
- You might learn something. Please forgive us.

Outro 01:00:24
- I finally read some reviews on the air! You guys are too kind. And weird.
- These guys are on Twitter under @DJMuddy @rivalsanlendo!
- They’re also both on Instagram at @DJMuddy and @gamera138!
- My musical comedy duo Bait & Switch will be at Arcade Comedy Theater on Friday, April 19 for Fireside Chat with Mark & Jonathan, which is in late night talk show format!

Got any of your own drinking/teetotaler stories to share? Hit me up in the comments!

Double Exposure Debacle

Remember that time I put on a perfectly nice dress in the morning and by the time I got to work it had shifted so far down my front that if not for the fluffy scarf I blissfully and ignorantly threw on, probably while whistling, I would have revealed not only too much cleavage but my ENTIRE RACK at my place of work and probably would have gotten arrested for indecent exposure and (let’s face it, with these puppies) public endangerment?

Oh, you don’t remember that? Funny, because it JUST. HAPPENED. YESTERDAY.

But don’t worry, I’m what Erykah Badu would call a bag lady (though I’m not sure someone who changed their last name to BAH-DOO on purpose really gets to call OTHER PEOPLE names) so I carry a work bag fully stocked with all sorts of contraptions for corralling my gazongas when they try to escape. Within 5 minutes of recognizing the problem, I was well on my way to solving it with these five easy steps:

  1. Curse fashion.
  2. Remember you keep a small tin of fashion tape in your work bag, because sometimes you’re a genius.
  3. Stop congratulating yourself and APPLY THE DAMN FASHION TAPE ALREADY.
  4. Hope and pray that no one saw you doing this at your desk just now because whoops.
  5. Periodically check the adhesive throughout the day to ensure that it remains intact.

SPOILER ALERT: It does. Crisis averted. This time.

Podcast Episode 3: Love Your Body Day (Fabulous Junk)

This episode’s guest proves that the third time’s the charm. Last year she introduced me to Love Your Body Day. Let’s talk about our hot bods!

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Warm welcome to Robin Hitchcock of hitchdied.com! She’s a brilliant writer and an inspiration to me personally in MANY ways, including blogging and podcasting!

03:11 Pod Pourri
- It’s Love Your Body Day!
- Some listeners sent in thoughts about their own bodies. Others had theirs shared involuntarily…
- Robin and I talk about what makes us such hotties.

27:35 If I Were You
- Segment jingle REMIX!
- The Great Cupcake Comment Debacle of 2012
- Another awkward advice song!

48:14 Games People Play
- New segment! I heart games.
- Robin is the trivia QUEEN, but I manage to stump her.

54:47 Outro
- Visit Robin’s website (where her podcast lives!) and follow her on Twitter.
- You should vote, but only if you agree with my political views. Just kidding! (Sort of.)

Some folks submitted their thoughts for discussion on the podcast, but our pal Vicki didn’t make it on the air so I wanted to include her thoughts here. When asked what she loves about her body, she says:

1.) My boobs. They are convenient.  They are the right size for my body.  I can wear the crappiest sports bra from Target and it is fine, and I can go running without my boobs hurting. I can wear those wonderful built in bra shirts.  They seem symmetrical enough!  I never have to worry about them popping out.  I never have to use “boob tape.” I can sometimes get away without even wearing a bra.  I never feel like they are too small.  I love them.  They are the best!
2.) My lips.  By default they are a pretty red, no lipstick needed.  I didn’t even realize this was a thing until a friend pointed out how much she envied my lips.  Since then I have appreciated that I basically only have to wear chapstick for them to look nice.
3.) My back.  I always think it looks sexy in backless dresses.


Those are some PRIT-TEE awesome things to love about your body, Vicki. Rock on. What about the rest of you? Leave ‘em in the comments!

Podcast Episode 2: Halloween Special (Don’t Be a Zombie)

Wow. You guys? These bitches LOVE Halloween. And talking. About themselves. So buckle up, listeners! It’s Episode 2 of Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi, featuring friend and fellow funny lady Liz Labacz!

It is available on iTunes if you prefer. Otherwise…

If you wish, you can listen to the extended, uncut version via Soundcloud below. WARNING: I’m not gonna lie. The costume discussion gets TEDIOUS, my friends. But if you know us, it might be bearable.

 Episode 2: Halloween Special (Don’t Be a Zombie) – Extended (times below align with condensed version only) 

02:33 Costumes of Yore!
- Liz provides a comprehensive history of her torrid love affair with costumes. Addi’s list pales in comparison.
- Store-bought costumes are for suckers.
- Liz’s Sailor Moon phase mercilessly coincided with her awkward phase:

 26:09 Costumes of More Recent Yore!
- Store-bought costumes? Still for suckers.  This is an abomination!
- 2009 Disney Villainess Combo (I swear I had more than two tentacles!):

40:19 If I Were You: Halloween Edition
- What NOT to be this year
- Costume Dos and Don’ts
- Addi’s first awkward advice song

48:47 Outro/Plugs!
- Liz can be found on her personal blog, at Frankly Scarlett, and on Twitter. She has also posted specifically about this topic!
- Friday Nite Improvs Halloween costume contest is Friday, November 2. They give away REAL CASH PRIZES, SON.
Photo Joe & the Negatives are back together! Like that shit on facebook.

Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi! Episode 1: Hello, I Love You

Happy first anniversary, Add It Up! My very first blog post was published on September 30, 2011. Thank you for still being here with me, one year later. You guys are the best.

As an anniversary gift to myself, I am delivering roughly 20 minutes of podcasty goodness with friend and comic Eric Donaldson right on up into your ears! And just FYI, this is probs not suitable for the kids due to language and certain content. You do know me, right?

- First podcast! We’re #1!

01:38 Pod Pourri
Space instruments! Omnichords and Qchords are for cool kids.
Why am I podcasting a’TALL? (Hitchdied gets a mention!)
- The moment we start talking politics, GarageBand shits the bed. AWKWARD.

07:05 If I Were You
- Hey, Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Memes? STOP IT.
- Visit www.breastcancer.org AND www.womenheart.org, you dopes.
- Ladies, are you wiping properly?
- I make Eric uncomfortable by forcing him to improvise advice songs, which leads to us ending on a morbid note. WORTH IT.

20:12 Outro
- I play the outro music too soon. Rookie bullshit!
- Catch Eric at FNI on Friday, October 5! Also: tumblr and twitter!
- See Bait & Switch at FN’Improv on Friday, September 28!

I need to become more comfortable with silence. It is WAY better than hearing “um” and “soooo” a gazillionty times. I AM SO SORRY.  I really do love you all. Hope you’re willing to listen next time, rookie bullshit and all!

Holler at me if you’d like to be a guest in the future, or if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss. I’m also accepting scenarios in which I can provide unwanted advice to someone. I recommend taking screenshots of terrible Facebook posts.


Love Your Body Day: Fashionably Late

Pssst! You should check out what my pal Robin had to say on this topic over at HitchDied! She’s the only reason I even knew this was a thing! This post is part of the 2011 Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival.

October 19th was Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival and I completely missed it. Darned if I won’t blog about it, though! Just try and stop me! Except don’t, because I like to talk about myself. You know this.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: I love my boobs. I love my big, voluptuous, cup-runneth-over ta-tas. I love how bangin’ they look in dresses, in t-shirts, and in my husband’s hands. They. Are. Magnificent.

Now for the less obvious: I love the gap between my teeth. To be honest, I hated it when I was a kid. But I’m glad I didn’t let the dentist fix it because it’s a big part of who I am now. Strangers walk up to me occasionally just to tell me they love it.  You can always tell if I have taken a bite of your apple. And I should probably mention it happens to be the first thing Joe noticed about me. Well, after the boobs anyway.

I love my legs and how strong they are. They have to be to carry around this trunk o’junk! I love using them to make silly dance moves, especially at weddings. I love how long they look in a hot pair of stilettos and how shapely they look in a cute pair of boots. I love that my mom’s favorite photos from our wedding are the ones where my legs are showing. I get my legs from her, and she has great legs despite being a shorty like me.

I love my ears and my vocal chords because they work together to make me a singer. I love my rosy cheeks and golden-brown hair. You guys, I LOVE my bangs! I love painting my toenails on my cute little feet.  I love dressing to accentuate all my good parts, instead of dressing to hide my flaws. Don’t let anyone convince you those are one in the same.

I love my body even though it’s not what the media tells me it should be. Ladies, it is especially important for us to love ourselves in a world where not only are models unrealistically skinny, but their already impossible standards are then Photoshopped beyond oblivion. Me? I’m invincible to that sh*t. Besides, of the two ladies pictured below, who do you think looks happier? Yeah, thought so.











 Right hand photo by Lou Stein

So tell me: what do you love about your body?