Add It Up with Your Best Friend Addi! Episode 1: Hello, I Love You

Happy first anniversary, Add It Up! My very first blog post was published on September 30, 2011. Thank you for still being here with me, one year later. You guys are the best.

As an anniversary gift to myself, I am delivering roughly 20 minutes of podcasty goodness with friend and comic Eric Donaldson right on up into your ears! And just FYI, this is probs not suitable for the kids due to language and certain content. You do know me, right?

– First podcast! We’re #1!

01:38 Pod Pourri
– Space instruments! Omnichords and Qchords are for cool kids.
– Why am I podcasting a’TALL? (Hitchdied gets a mention!)
– The moment we start talking politics, GarageBand shits the bed. AWKWARD.

07:05 If I Were You
– Hey, Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Memes? STOP IT.
– Visit AND, you dopes.
– Ladies, are you wiping properly?
– I make Eric uncomfortable by forcing him to improvise advice songs, which leads to us ending on a morbid note. WORTH IT.

20:12 Outro
– I play the outro music too soon. Rookie bullshit!
– Catch Eric at FNI on Friday, October 5! Also: tumblr and twitter!
– See Bait & Switch at FN’Improv on Friday, September 28!

I need to become more comfortable with silence. It is WAY better than hearing “um” and “soooo” a gazillionty times. I AM SO SORRY.  I really do love you all. Hope you’re willing to listen next time, rookie bullshit and all!

Holler at me if you’d like to be a guest in the future, or if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss. I’m also accepting scenarios in which I can provide unwanted advice to someone. I recommend taking screenshots of terrible Facebook posts.